Britain’s most popular TV Shows in 2023

British television is ready to make 2023 one of the best years with some great shows.

There are enough series to keep you busy throughout the year. From gangster shows to fashion dramas, there is something for everyone. Entertainment lovers are always sure about what to see next right after finishing the current series. If you have not made your list of the best British series to watch in 2023, some of our recommendations can make your list even better.

The Crown, Doctor Who, and many similar great shows are available for British TV lovers. There are hundreds of TV shows available for British viewers, but we will try to cover some of the most popular shows only. We are not going to talk about shows that are backed by huge promotional budgets. This is all about good stuff only, and these suggestions are based on our analysis. Personal choices may be different, and you can share your favorite shoes too.

Best British TV Shows Only

In modern times, no one has enough time to enjoy everything that he likes. So, narrowing down the list to a few shows can help you to watch time and energy. Instead of wasting time on random shows, you can start watching these shows from the very start. This list has some modern shows and some old shows. We have tried to include different shows from different niches.  

Happy Valley Series 3

There is a high chance that you have already seen the series. You can stream it on BBC iPlayer. If you are into a police drama, this season will not let you down. The storyline is quite interesting, and the acting is also superb. Catherine Cawood is protecting her grandson from his biological father. She is a Sergeant in the police, so after the death of her daughter, she is on a solo mission to protect her grandson. The main actor is too good at her job and acting. She is shown as a strict, fun, and honest police officer in the series.

Endeavour Series 9

British viewers can stream this amazing series on ITVX. This series turned out to be even more interesting and engaging than the parent show. The central cast is awesome, and every actor did an awesome job of entertaining the audience with the best possible content. This is also a police drama with a touch of mystery and other genres.

The final series gave some of the best episodes, and viewers loved the overall show. If you have not watched it yet make sure to have it on your list for this year. The cast of the show includes some great names, including:

  • Shaun Evans
  • Roger Allam
  • Anton Lesser
  • Sean Rigby
  • James Bradshaw
  • Abigail Thaw
  • Jack Bannon

Game of Thrones

It is one of the best shows in history, and for a long time, GOT has been the most popular topic on social media too. The storyline was great, and the use of CGI also made this show awesome. All actors performed well, and their dialogues became famous all over the media. Everyone liked different characters for different reasons. Not in Britain, but this show has a great fan following in other countries too. You will find every episode more interesting than the previous one. The thrill of the storyline keeps you engaged throughout the series.

Sneaky Pete

When it comes to popular movies, the audience loves the shows and movies about gambling. With the rise of the iGaming industry, the fan following for gambling content has increased. Sneaky Pete is the story of a con man who returned from jail. To avoid the crisis outside the cell, he uses the identity of his cellmate. While connecting with his cellmate’s family, he again gets involved with the same issues that he was dealing with in jail.

His involvement in different activities also covers his interactions in the casinos. Movies and series based on gambling and casino life attract gamblers the most. If you also want to experience how it feels to play these thrilling games, offers some of the best free games. While playing for fun, you can learn the strategies and then try your luck with real money games to win prizes.


In the world of detective series, Sherlock is the most popular name. There are even movies about this character. His mind games will keep you engaged throughout the series, and how he solves cases is astonishing. There are four seasons of this drama.

Watson is his flatmate of Sherlock Holmes, and he also helps Sherlock to solve crimes and cases. They help the police with the most unusual cases that are impossible for them.

Lockwood & Co.

Teens are going to love this drama. The concept of this drama is quite unique, and this series is available on Netflix. With a 7.4 rating, this is a good and fun series to watch. The storyline covers the life of teens that do normal jobs like adults. Lockwood & Co. is a company that offers ghost-hunting services, and a teen with psychic abilities joins the team. This team tries its best to free the city from bad spirits that are causing issues. It is an interesting series to watch, and if you have not watched it before, don’t forget to put it on your list for 2023.

Taskmaster Series 15

Finding quality humor is not easy these days. If you are bored of the same action movies and dramas, Taskmaster is the perfect comedy show for the British audience. This show is liked all over the world by the diversity of the viewers. Participants of this show have to do pointless challenges, and their actions will make them fall on the floor with laughter. Series 15 might be complete by the time you decide to watch this drama. Fun series will always make your time worth it.

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  • Painting or drawing
  • Going for a walk or hike
  • Cooking or baking
  • Listening to music
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Writing or journaling
  • Gardening


This is an interesting show starring Idris Elba. He is shown as a successful businessman who is on a plane that is hijacked by terrorists. On this flight, he is the only hope of all passengers. He not only negotiates with the terrorists, but also tries to save everyone from possible threats. This is an interesting show with lots of intense scenes. Thrill series are always liked by most of the audience. The whole drama takes place mostly on the plane, where Idris is actively trying to resolve the conflict with help from officers on the ground. This show is also produced by Idris Elba’s own production house.

Peaky Blinders

A list of popular British dramas is incomplete without having Peaky Blinders on it. This season is one of the most loved series in the whole world and on the best UK streaming services. Not only the British audience but the global audience also loved the show. The actors did an amazing job, and the writer also gave his best to make every dialogue interesting. Some of the popular actors on the show include:

  • Cillian Murphy
  • Paul Anderson
  • Tom Hardy
  • Helen McCrory
  • Sophie Rundle
  • Finn Cole

Thomas Shelby is the gang leader who is leading his family of gangsters. Apparently, they are in the business of making Peaky Blinders, but they are running an empire of illegal businesses. Their family matters and conflicts with rival families add a spice of thrill to the show.


If you love Money Heist and want similar shows, this one is perfect for your taste. A group of skilled individuals decides to rob a bank safe. The team has members with different skill sets. Every member of the team tries to deceive the other one to keep the money. But the lead actor has all things already sorted. This drama is available on Netflix.


Movies and dramas based on different topics attract a diversity of audiences. Some people like action shows while others prefer watching thrill series. Gambling shows, on the other hand, not only offer fun but also inspire you to try your luck. Playing online casino games or watching these shows is fun. But always keep in mind that financial risks are involved in gambling, so always have a solid plan in place.