Britain’s top 5 gambling movies

Britain’s got talent! The top 5 gambling movies include Funny Man, Revolver, Croupier, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, and Snatch. Let’s review these awesome gambling flicks.

Britain’s filmmakers have not shied away from gambling themes, and rightly so. Las Vegas certainly commands respect; but British filmmakers have crafted an exciting array of gambling-movies that have captivated the world’s attention.

In Blighty, 007 routinely gets the nod as the UKs ‘premier gambling aficionado, but other than its British origins most Bond films are filmed abroad.

We now turn our attention to the top 5 gambling movies from the UK.


1. Funny Man


Part comedy, part horror, Funny Man is a mishmash of genres that masquerades as a horror with plenty of side-splitting giggles thrown in for good measure. Dubbed by audiences as an outrageously funny English horror film, this slice of something disarmingly different certainly has more than its fair share of gambling-related elements thrown in for good measure. The plot dare I say is paper thin, and it’s certainly tongue in cheek. Written and directed by Simon Sprackling, Funny Man tells the story of Max Taylor.

He wins the ancestral home of a gentleman by the name of Callum Chance, all while playing a game of high-stakes poker. Unfortunately for Max, the stakes are really high and a homicidal court jester – Funny Man – with truly evil intent goes on a killing rampage to murder Max’s entire family. With a paltry budget of £50,000, Funny Man is unlikely to top the charts as the UKs finest gambling export. Worth a giggle if you enjoy black humour.


2. Revolver


Jake Green, played by Jason Statham, is an ex-con who just got paroled. After serving 7 years in solitary confinement, he is released into the world where he takes to gambling. As a successful gambler, he quickly builds up a stash of cash playing slots, card games, and table games (sadly there was no live 24 betting app when the movie was made). But ultimately, his raison d’être for gambling is revenge. The focus of his wrath is none other than Mr D, a.k.a. Dorothy Macha.

This sadistic thug is the selfsame geezer who put Jake behind bars. suffice it to say, the ante gets ratcheted up to fever pitch levels, and within no time at all, a hit is placed on Jake Green. This British casino flick has all the elements of suspense, desperation, and action one could hope for. With constant flashbacks and heart-wrenching moments, audiences are treated to a tour de force from action junkie Jason Statham, ably supported by Andre Benjamin and Ray Liotta. Written and directed by Guy Ritchie, Revolver certainly doesn’t fire any blanks!


3. Croupier


Clive Owen delivers in one of the most underrated films of his career. Croupier was released in July 2000, with worldwide gross receipts of $7,120,000. Starring as Jack Manfred, Owen is a writer with no prospects. So, he unwittingly decides to throw caution to the wind and become a casino croupier. The appeal of the gambling world is simply too hard to resist. But his compulsions don’t come without their costs. His gambling affinity takes a heavy toll on his relationship with girlfriend Marion. The action cranks up to fever pitch levels when Jack Manfred meets up with a fellow gambler who is in all sorts of trouble.

Croupier’s swanky ambiance is reminiscent of the allure of a favourite UK hotspot: 888.  At this premier online casino, players routinely tout the lavish selection of interactive slots, fast-paced table games, and jingling-jangling video poker attractions. Naturally, these fine attractions are enjoyed within the ambit of a sleek and stylish gambling enclave. But in Croupier, things rapidly spiral out of control. Jack is coerced into becoming an accomplice to a daring casino heist. Lo and behold, the South African gambler who befriends him, and his father are in cahoots. Reviewers gave this film stellar ratings. It has been deemed one of Britain’s finest casino films and thanks to Owen’s performance, one of its most stylish too!


4. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels


Guy Ritchie will not be contained in the action genre. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels is exactly what the doctor ordered! Written and directed by Ritchie, this flick stars Nick Moran, Dexter Fletcher, Jason Statham, and Jason Flemyng.  When four guys find themselves heavily indebted to a London hard man from the East End, it’s time to take matters into their own hands. Unfortunately, they rigged a card game and aroused the wrath of London’s underworld.

In their desperate attempt to right their wrongs, they stumble upon a different scheme. They decide to go after a group of amateur drug dealers and steal the loot for themselves. As the eponymous title suggests, the film is about a pair of smoking barrels– beautifully crafted antique double-barreled shotguns. Unfortunately, these weapons go missing, giving rise to some pretty crazy incidents in the film. A word of caution is advised: there’s lots of blood and guts, drugs and sex in this gambling-themed romp.


5. Snatch


Guy Ritchie comes up trumps once again! In Snatch, fans are treated to a gambling-themed movie of note. Starring Hollywood heavyweights Benicia del Toro, Brad Pitt, and Jason Statham, this highly-rated movie is one of Britain’s best ever gambling films. If nothing else, it’s worth listening to Brad Pitt’s accent and his bizarre mannerisms as he takes on a menacing group of gangsters in this film. The winner of 4 awards and 6 nominations, Snatch is every bit as entertaining as one can imagine.

With a budget of £6 million, and cumulative worldwide takings of $83.5 million, Snatch is one of Ritchie’s most successful films ever. It tells the story of Turkish and Tommy– two buds for life. These pugilists are engaged in fixed boxing matches, courtesy of a horrid individual named Brick Top. Throw some Irish Gypsies and a daring diamond heist into the mix and things really get complicated. But that’s not all– there are many other bizarre characters to contend with including: Boris the Blade, Frankie Four Fingers, Cousin Avi, and Bullet Tooth Tony. The film also goes by the name Diamonds, and it’s an absolute showstopper to watch!