British actors who love gambling

Have you ever considered how gambling involves more than just playing cards, learning the rules, or spinning the wheels of a slot machine? Gambling has evolved beyond the realms of amusement and skill to become an artistic enterprise. Should you fold or go all in?

Gambling is a popular hobby worldwide, even though it is not always politically correct. Sports betting and casino games like poker and online roulette are loved by many actors.

Do you want to know which British stars like testing their gambling luck again and over? Let’s meet them and learn about their fascinating celebrity gambling experiences!


Shannon Elizabeth 

Although born in the U.S., Shannon is of British descent. Her most notable role was in American Pie. Shannon, a former fashion model, is a staple at the poker tables. She is so enthusiastic about the game that she is regularly seen on the Las Vegas tournament circuit and at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). She’s even recruited a coach, the legendary Daniel Negreanu, to help her improve.


Sean Connery

One of Princess Margaret’s casino buddies would go on to portray secret agent James Bond, the most notable fictional casino goer ever. Before Moore, Bond was played by Sean Connery, another British actor who loved gambling.

He enjoyed playing roulette and frequently made a straight-up wager on Black 17. Black 17 appeared three times in a row as he was playing his regular game at a casino in St Vincent. Connery left the casino with $27,000 in wins and went to the nearby movie set where From Russia with Love was being shot.


Mischa Barton 

Mischa Barton is best recognized for her role in the adolescent drama The O.C. Marissa Cooper, a young, well-off young lady with a dazzling and opulent lifestyle, is played by her. The same glitz and glam have made their way into the actor’s personal life, where she regularly indulges in lengthy gambling sessions, such as


Victoria Coren-Mitchell

TV host and wife of comedian/actor David Mitchel Victoria, Coren-Mitchell is an accomplished poker player. She also hosts Only Connect, a highbrow quiz program on UK television, and contributes to the Observer.

Coren-Mitchell became the first female player to win a European Poker Tour championship in 2005. She also competed in several other high-profile poker events, winning the main event at the 2014 European Poker Tour in Sanremo. Her earnings are reported to be worth more than £2 million.


Sid James 

The Carry On film series starred Sid James. He was so obsessed with gambling that he arranged with his agent not to tell his wife about his earnings so that he could set aside whatever he wanted for gambling. Unfortunately for him, he was a mainly unsuccessful gambler. Thus, he lacked either luck, originality, or talent.


We hope you liked reading this piece about British actors’ fondness for casinos and gaming. While it’s interesting to learn how the other half lives, casino gaming is a pleasurable hobby for everyone. So, if you’re feeling lucky, why not try it? Who knows, you may eventually win big like one of these stars!