British Dramas for Studying History

There are a lot of exciting British dramas that will help you understand important historical events. 

Let’s face it. We’ve always been fascinated with British history and its political environment. You may find yourself looking for exciting British movies to watch due to current events such as the consequences of Brexit, an opinion of an important member of the Royal Family, or controversies surrounding the death of a leader.

There are a lot of important events in the history of Britain that have the power to hold our attention. And you can’t deny the fact that its history is rich and colorful. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why we spend most of our time glued in front of our screens. There are a lot of British historical dramas to choose from regardless of the century. Since you are reading this article, you are likely interested in history. Watching the British historical tv series that we are going to outline will help you understand important events that happened in the past.


The Crown

We all knew Queen Elizabeth as one of the longest-serving British monarchs who always smiled and wore colorful and stylish outfits. Thanks to The Crown, you’ll get to know how she became the longest-reigning monarch. It starts with her marriage to Prince Philip in 1947. The Crown has been watched and praised by millions of people across the world for clearly portraying events and the life of Queen Elizabeth. To keep it entertaining, every new season has new actors since the characters get older through the timeline. 

If you are a researcher of British drama history, you can read essay on cinema, student books and research papers. Most of the questions you are interested in have long been studied by students and researchers of British culture. Also, the study of essays will allow you to find new facts about British films and TV series.


The Tudors

One of the popular British history shows is The Tudors. The show is focused on the ups and downs of the 16th-century reign of King Henry VIII of the House of Tudor. King Henry VIII had a reign full of important events such as rebellions, religious conflicts, multiple wives, and several executions. Over the four seasons, the king goes through six wives in an attempt to have a son succeed him. The producers have used their creativity to change the names and appearance of some characters. While the show remains historically relevant, it is slightly sped up. Thankfully, after watching this show, you’ll learn a lot about British history.


Downton Abbey

This is one of the amazing British history dramas that is focused on the fictional aristocratic Crawley family. Downton Abbey is a fictional estate in Yorkshire. The show covers real events that took place between 1912 and 1926. Throughout the seasons, important events such as World War I, the sinking of Titanic, the spread of Spanish flu, and how the rise and fall of British aristocracy affected the Crawley family.

After the end of the series in 2015, the production team picked up a film in 2018 loosely based on a real trip that was made by King George V and Queen Mary to Wentworth Woodhouse. Many other big shows such as Family Guy, NCIS, and Iron Man 3 have used Downton Abbey as a reference.


Peaky Blinders

The economic prosperity in London was at its peak in the 20s. However, the scene in Birmingham was an entirely different story. The city’s economic deprivation led to the rise of Peaky Blinders, a real-life gang. In the TV show, the Shelby crime family becomes the center of attention since the group is based on the gang that rose at that time.

As the show progresses, the operations and influence of the family continue to grow. It happens regionally and then progresses to the international level. The producers have won many awards since the release of the first season. And they have officially reported that the 6th season will be the final season. You can stream this amazing TV show on Netflix.


Gentleman Jack

This is an interesting TV show that is based on the real-life story of Anne Lister and a collection of her well-coded diaries. Anne was a popular industrialist and landowner who openly embraced her relationships with other women. Unheard of back in the 19th century, she’s been named the first modern lesbian. Call Fred by her female lovers, the residents of West Yorkshire and Halifax named her Gentleman Jack.

Her journals narrated important aspects of her life such as her finances and sexual relations. The diary entries were coded because the society of the time meant that homosexuality required secrecy. A century after her death, her diary was decoded. All the entries gave life to this TV show. This is one of the best British historical dramas in our modern world.


There are a lot of British TV shows that you can watch today in the comfort of your home. The ones that we’ve covered in this article are among the best. Watching these shows will help you have a deeper understanding of British culture and important historical events.