Can AI Write Better Than a Human Writer?

There are now AI programs that can write news articles and even short fictional stories. Are AI writers better than humans, and should writers be worried about this?

AI writing is now a real thing. Some companies use AI as their primary source of content. So, can AI really write better than a human writer? There is no single answer to this. An AI can write better than some humans. At the end of the day, a human writer is still better than AI. Today, we will find out more and decide once and for all if AI is a threat to writers.

Can AI Really Write?

Yes, AI programs are now able to write from scratch. Give them a topic, and they will come up with the right words to say.

To date, here are some of the things that an AI can do:

  • Write a story.
  • Respond to a query.
  • Have a conversation.

What the AI does, however, depends on a prompt from the user. While this may sound scary, it is not the end of human writers. At least, not yet. There are many kinks that programmers need to fix. While many people are predicting doom and gloom, others are neutral about it.

AI can write, that is for sure. Writers, therefore, should up their game. They must become better writers to a certain degree that an AI program cannot even write something half as good as what good writers can.

Do We Need AI Writers?

Yes, to some degree. AI can create content that is generic, like a rehash of news. For example, an online store or a casino in Canada can use AI-generated content. We can also use AI as teachers, especially since it can “memorize” all grammar rules. The AI program, which specializes in writing, can point out errors in a written document. It can also make suggestions as to how to make the article better. Such things exist now, like Grammarly. It has the power to detect framer errors, passive voice, etc.

Should Writers Worry?

Writers should worry but not panic. AI can write as well as journalists. The biggest advantage of AI is that it can “read” thousands of articles and social media posts in a given time. AI writers are robots, and it will take only a few minutes or so for them to gather data and write about a topic. Human writers, on the other hand, need hours or days.

Today, companies use AI to produce a massive number of content for their websites. They use these articles and copywriting materials to market their products, websites, and blog post. The AI programs are good at it, especially since they have the program to focus on SEO or other things that are important to the content standards of the company using them.

What Are the Benefits of AI Writers?

AI writers will eventually dominate the market for content. Why? It is because they offer several advantages. Here are a few:

  • Faster – AI programs can write faster and more articles than any human being. They do not really “think” as humans do.
  • Cheaper – AI programs can write for free. The only thing a company needs to do is buy the program. For sure, some AI companies will rent it out and license the AI program to users. Human writers, on the other hand, are expensive. They charge money to feed their families—AI programs do not need money. The programmers do.
  • More accurate – AI programs, of course, are less prone to errors than humans. They can “self-edit” their articles. Because of this, humans are at a disadvantage. A human error requires more time and labor to edit correctly, which means more time and money is spent on the editorial process.
  • No issues – AI writers do not have feelings. You can tell them to edit their work many times with no complaints. Humans, on the other hand, have a lot of drama.

Once a company succeeds in assimilating AI writers into the tech environment, they do not need to charge a lot of money. The AI can process thousands of articles. The volume of orders from these machines should be enough to keep the AI company going. In the end, the process is much cheaper than content writers.


AI is getting better and better. Programmers have already succeeded in AI that can make art and music and even write articles.

Is AI a threat? No, not now. While AI can write, it is still a robot. As a robot, it does not have the experience of human beings. Because of that, AI cannot write “from the heart.” While AI can write based on facts and technicalities, it will always lack that human touch. In essence, AI writers are excellent tools for writing facts. However, they are nowhere near human writers when it comes to identifying the readers’ needs or conveying emotions.