Celebrity Facial: What Cosmetic Procedures Are Used By British Movie Stars

Sir Sean Connery, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Daniel Craig, Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet, Emma Watson, Judi Dench, Julie Andrews… Britain has given the world many great actors who have gone on to achieve global fame and recognition for their amazing work.

Britain has given the world many famous movies as well, such as:

  • The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)
  • Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
  • Dunkirk (2017)
  • Don’t Look Now (1973)
  • Dracula (1958)
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)


Many British celebs have also opened up about celebrity cosmetic facial procedures in recent years and admitted to getting them.


Celebrity Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic trends are popular with British celebrities and naturally so, because they want to look their best for a big event, on the red carpet, and during the other occasions as well. Many of them in the US, UK, and from other countries have gone under the knife, taken fillers, or the modern-day procedures in laser clinic.


Cosmetic procedures change with time. But they have stayed popular with the celebs for a long time. There was a time when it was a taboo to admit going for a Botox, breast implant, face lift, or an anti-aging treatment. The celebs themselves or their agents denied when such reports appeared on the media. There was this idea that “natural beauty” was the best and what the audience always wanted. It was the ideal state that everyone wantd.

But the times have changed. Age also catches up with even the most beautiful face. Many, even some of the hottest celebs, have now opened up and admitted getting a celebrity facial and cosmetic injectable.

Of course, the cosmetic procedures have also become safer and more effective, thanks to the improvements in science. We now have radio frequency treatments, led light therapy, oxygen facials and other procedures. Science has shown us that they can remove the fine lines and improve the body’s collagen production.


7 British Celebrities Have Admitted Cosmetic Procedures

Here are some of the famous British celebrity men and women who have broken the taboo and admitted getting these treatments –


  1. Olivia Colman


Back in 2015, the Oscar-winning actress went for her Botox treatment. She even managed to keep it a secret from her husband for a long time. Olivia proudly says that it worked so well that her husband used to call her “Hello, Pretty”.


  1. Ozzy Osbourne


The English songwriter, singer, and TV personality admitted way back in 2005 that he got a nose job and face lift. Those were early days for these procedures, but he still got them done, and they worked for his as well. Osbourne’s wife Sharon has also got a makeover for her face at least three times.


  1. Robert Pattinson


The “Twilight” heartthrob, Robert Pattinson has featured in many big-budget productions. He is also one of the world’s highest-paid actors and according to the Time Magazine, was one of the “100 most influential people in the world” for 2010. Robert has also made it to the “Celebrity 100” list of Forbes. According to Celebrity Surgeries, Robert cosmetically improved the structure and appearance of his nose a few years back.


  1. Trudie Tyler


Actress, director, and film producer Trudie is the wife of Sting. When she was a young girl, Tyler was hit by a van and sustained severe facial injuries. It left her badly scarred. Trudie was able to correct her condition after several surgeries.


  1. Simon Cowell


The Daily Mail reports that Simon from “The X Factor” has benefitted immensely from Botox treatment. He has a net worth of more than 600 million.


  1. Victoria Beckham


There was a rumor for a long time that the English songwriter, singer, television personality, and fashion designer had gone for a breast improvement procedure. She was silent about this before finally admitting to it on Vogue.


  1. Lauren Goodger


The media personality and glamor moderl Laureen have gone for multiple procedures, including a nose job, liposuction, and lip fillers. According to rumors, even a bum lift.


There have been many others who have received a lymphatic drainage treatment, red carpet facial, sculpting facial, and other procedures. Of course, not just the celebs, the best facial treatments can help everyone.