Chill out at home with Online Bingo and Netflix

When you staying at home, it is nice to be able to chill out.

This could be spending time with your family to watch your favourite television series, a documentary or movie. You can also have fun online playing bingo, aiming to win the jackpot, or using it as an opportunity to join an online community of like-minded people. Here we look at both:

Online Bingo

Online bingo is an easy casino game that you can play on your phone, anywhere. Whilst Netflix has been home entertainment for many of us over the years, chilling out with online bingo is a more recent leisure activity that has grown significantly in the last couple of years, particularly since governmental stay at home rulings in 2020 forced casinos and bingo halls to close. There is also the chance to win big jackpots when you play, which adds to the excitement.

If you have not yet tried it, the online bingo community is friendly and social and before long, you can be meeting up with your bingo buddies on a Friday night. There are new bingo sites opening up all the time, allowing you to make the most of new player bonuses and try new games from the common 90 and 75 ball games which are laid back and relaxing as well as speed bingo games such as the exciting 30 ball version. Many online bingo sites also offer a variety of casino games like slots, for more chances of winning big.

You can try out online bingo games across a range of sites offering free and penny games every day, at every hour. There is a chance to win real cash prizes on these games, and there are big bonuses for new and loyal players. A welcome package will include exclusive promotions as you try out games at any time of the day, every day of the week. The more you play, the more loyalty rewards you will be offered.


Netflix is one of the world’s most popular streaming services with millions of subscribers and billions of hours of content watched each week. Netflix is available to everyone, everywhere and has to be one of the most convenient and easy to use streaming services, since all you need to do is point, click and watch. This is on-demand entertainment without advertisements unlike some of its competitors. Add in that with Netflix allows five different profiles on one account

Netflix does not have the broadest ranges of films, but what they have is better than most.  Add in all the shows available and you have a site that few can replicate. Now that Netflix is producing its own original content successfully, which has gained it more customers so that it is now seen as the definitive company for streaming in the same way that Amazon is the definitive place for online shopping.

So, whilst you may think that free time at home is your chance to complete some DIY projects, start a new hobby or clear out the attic, you could enjoy watching an action movie, sports or some of Netflix’s original content, including some excellent true crime documentaries, binge-worthy original series, comedy specials or horror movies.

Perhaps watch Roma, the first Mexican film to win an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film or Netflix’s Emmy Award-winning original series Orange Is the New Black. Browsing is now easy and the company recently launched a regularly updated top 10 streamed content in your country. You can watch some Netflix educational documentaries on YouTube. There were 34 online by April 2020, helpful to students who had moved to learning from home due to the coronavirus pandemic.