Deepening Your Connection to British Period Dramas

If you have found yourself on this website, then you are undoubtedly a fan of at least one British Period Drama.

In fact, you are probably a fan of more than one. We all love reading about the genre here, but reading about them is not the only way to deepen our connection to these theatrical masterpieces. Here are four additional suggestions for those who wish to further their understanding of the genre or of specific series.

Recreate Some of the Attire

One way to dive deep into the British Period Drama experience is to make your own clothes. Whether it is one of the pieces of clothing that seem to appear many times or one of the more unique outfits, this is a great way to really embody the moment.

Picking an outfit that repeats probably suggests it will be more of a day-to-day experience. This is a great way to really get yourself in the spirit of the period. You may find yourself more willing to try out the ways of speaking of the character and suddenly be able to empathise with them as you tune in.

A more unique outfit choice can be tons of fun! This will allow you to embody a specific character and even at a specific moment in their story. It is a different way to approach the opportunity of impersonating characters.

Connect With Others Online

Many British Period Dramas are based on large online streaming companies. So, it is no surprise that there are communities of people online arguing and betting about what will happen next in the series. This is an exciting world! You can check out forums and dive into debates about the next twist or which outfit was better. Or, you can put your money where your mouth is.

If you enjoy gambling, there are platforms that can help you identify operators that offer no-wagering bonuses. With no-wagering bonuses, you can bet on your favourite TV shows or in traditional casino games, without any rollover requirement before you withdraw your winnings. Their guide will answer all your questions such as your maximum cash out and how many active bonuses you can have. If you want to get started betting, you will find great options here.

Another place to find online communities is on Reddit. Once you create your account there, you can start searching for communities, also known as subreddits. There, different users will make posts and comment on others’ posts. This is where die-hard fans go to nerd out together. You may be surprised by what you learn from your fellow super fans!

Visit The Sites Where Your Favourite British Period Dramas Take Place

Visiting the scenes where our favourite dramas have taken place is a valuable resource for true fans. It can really bring the show to life, as you will better be able to imagine the inner workings of the characters as they stroll around the grounds.

For example, you can visit Highclere Castle. This stately Hampshire estate is the setting for Downton Abbey–perhaps the most popular British Period Drama currently. If you think it is an impressive site when you see it on your computer screen, just wait until you stand under this beautiful home and walk amongst its gardens! You will not forget it!

Plan a Staycation with Your Best Mates

Staycations are exactly what this portmanteau suggests: it is like a vacation but instead of travelling around the world, you make the most out of staying put. This can mean exploring your home city or just luxuriating at home.

While we are probably most used to watching British Period Dramas in our free time or as soon as they come out every week, this is not the only option. Another way to really immerse yourself in your favourite shows is to plan a staycation with a friend and binge-watch as much as you can.

You can grab a weekend and just hunker down with your best mate. Sharing this connection with a friend, and in an intensive way, is a great route to deepening your connection with your series as well as with your buddy.