Everything You Need to Know About ‘Bridgerton’ Series 3

Bridgerton is a streaming phenomenon and a welcome success for Netflix.

It has remained in the company’s top 10 most watched for months, dropping out and returning at various intervals. With two seasons under its belt, season three is hotly anticipated and below, we have everything you need to know about it.

A Prequel Will Come First

Before season three hits, Bridgerton will add a spin-off prequel named “Queen Charlotte”. Golda Rosheuvel returns as the aforementioned lead, and this previously supporting cast member will take centre stage in the series premiering on May 4th.

Season 2 gave a hint at Charlotte’s relationship with King George III. This season will jump back to the start of their relationship. Written by Shonda Rhimes, it promises to be a lustful affair with scenes guaranteed to make you hot under the collar and will give a whole new take on the Bridgerton franchise.

The success of the series and spin-offs are down to the huge resurgence in the popularity of period dramas.

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Season Three Release Rumours

There is currently no release date for season three. However, as the prequel premiers on May 4th, it will be after this date. Filming began in July 2022 and it has wrapped up, so post-production will currently be underway or may even have finished.

It is most likely to arrive towards the end of the year. Fans will also be happy to know that it was green-lit for a fourth season, so we may see things rise to a climax before a wrap-up with this one. This may take some time to deliver, as strikes with the Screen Actors Guild will stop production.

What Will Happen in Bridgerton Season Three?

Nicola Coughlan will return to play Penelope Featherington, gossip writer extraordinaire. The instalment will focus more on her relationship with Colin Bridgerton, played by Luke Newton.

The core Bridgerton family will return. Francesca Bridgerton has had a change of actress, and Hannah Dodd will take her place. Many may recognise her from Anatomy of a Scandal. Stokes can be seen on another Netflix project, Lockwood & Co.

All that is guaranteed is that a whole host of gossip and scandals we have come to love will be taking place in the next season. Settle in for the prequel series, and it won’t be long until season three hits your screens. While you wait, check out some of our other period drama reviews and see what else can keep you entertained.