Exploring the best of UK streaming: British drama and other iconic movies

Do you love drama? How about iconic movies? Well, we do too! After all, who can deny the thrill of watching movies where every scene has a twist? Take Revolver as an example. This movie featured an ex-con who had a taste for vengeance. And once he was out on parole, he used his casino skills to make enough money to plot his way to get back at those who had crossed him. His casino adventures were so fun that they prompted people to sign up on sites like Unibet Casino, where they could also make money to further their dreams. And some were so successful that they changed their lives with these wagers!

While we do not advocate for ego and revenge, this movie is a classic. And like most films, it imparted lifelong skills to its audience. Are you ready for some steaming dramas? Let’s cover the creme de la creme:

Getting to the Heart of the Drama

Many people enjoy watching dramatic movies and series as it allows them to live vicariously. You may not have the guts to walk up to a frenemy and talk freely, but your favorite actor will. So, which of the British dramas has enthralled its audience?

Killing Eve

What would you do if your career path led you straight to a trained and heartless killer? If you are anything like Eve Polastri, you put everything on the line trying to understand the reasoning fueling this need to kill. And as luck (bad or otherwise) would have it, the killer, Villanelle, also obsesses about Eve. The series follows the relationship between the two women amidst interference by multiple agencies. This drama is so good that choosing a side is hard – almost every character has a side you will love.


If you think the relationship between Eve and Villanelle is strange, wait until you watch this series. Idris Elba plays the lead detective, Luther, in a case that leads him to meet a notorious murderer, Alice. Watching Luther balance his career and his new-found friendship with a murderer is fun. Like Killing Eve, this series confronts moral principles where one must decide if a grey area exists or if all actions are bad or good.


People somehow connect with struggling characters. And in this series, the audience gets drawn to the character who cannot seem to catch a break. Every move she makes seems to pull her down even further. But she is likable for her witty yet determined stance. No matter what happens, she comes out kicking and ready to try something new. And who would not cheer on such a loveable spirit?

Downtown Abbey

Are you a true drama fan if you have not watched this series? It’s a classic and has entertained people for long. After all, what’s not exciting about a death that results in squabbles, deceit, and tension? Viewers see the obvious contrast between the wealthy family and their employees. And given the setting and costumes, anyone watching the series feels like they are back to ancient times. It’s like entertainment and a history lesson in one!

Here are some other dramas you can try:

  • Skins,
  • Peaky Blinders,
  • The Crown, and
  • Misfits

They follow similar principles to most popular dramas, and you will find yourself lost in the storylines.