Gambling Movies Available On Netflix UK That You Should Watch

Do you love gambling? Do you love movies? Then, it’s prime time you watch gambling movies.

Amid this pandemic, you can experience all the casino action and thrills at the comfort of your home through Netflix movies.

Although nothing can ever compare to the real-life immersive casino experience, Netflix gambling movies can take you to Vegas and back within an hour or two.

While watching these movies, you can pick several gambling tips and ideas to use in your next game.

Here, we’ve provided you with a list of the best gambling movies on Netflix you should watch today.

Let’s dive in!



The first movie on our list is the 1998 Croupier. Without a doubt, this one of the best-rated films about gambling ever. The movies follow the life of a writer Jack Manfred turned into a croupier, although he’s not a gambler himself.

Jack gets dragged into the casino world, where he views life as a game of chance. This eventually affects his relationships with dealers, friends, bettors, and even fellow croupiers.

Today, mobile casino brings the real croupier experience on your virtual device. You can play aristocrat pokies online real money from anywhere as you binge-watch croupier on Netflix. By watching the movie, you can learn what bad gambling means and why to avoid it.

The film doesn’t focus on the glitz and glamour related to the bright, vibrant Vegas life. Rather, it centers around a small London casino and gives viewers an in-depth view of the darker side of gambling when everything you have is at stake.


The Gambler

Although it’s not among the new gambling movies on Netflix, the Gambler is a must-watch. The film is a great depiction of gambling addiction. In the movie, Jim Bennet, the main character played by Mark Wahlberg is a literature professor who sinks into a massive hole after losing quite a lot of money by gambling recklessly.

Bennet’s life gets even worse when he gets caught between a ruthless casino owner and a loan shark. However, he gets one last chance to get things right. He works with one of his students who works part-time in the casino to get out of the mess, but it’s not easy.

This movie is full of tension and will leave you feeling pity for the character. The Gambler is a great movie that deserves a place in every gambler’s Netflix gambling movie list.


Casino Royale

If you love Bond film, you will love the 2006 Casino Royale. The movies follow the life of James Bond, played by Daniel Craig as he ventures on a dangerous assignment to save the world. In the film Bond is still a rookie agent for MI6, and his yet to get his label “007”.

James has to chase down and catch Le Chiffre. But to do so, he has to beat the international terrorist at a game of high-stakes poker.

Packed with fast car chases, shootout, and heart-pumping fights, Casino Royale is a great addition to your movie list. The movie will invoke all kinds of emotions in you while leaving you excited and yearning for more.


Mississippi Grind

Mississippi Grind does an excellent job at combining road movies with what viewers love about gambling. It’s perhaps the best movie in recent years.

But the film doesn’t introduce us to the regular modern casino world. Rather it takes us back to the years of road gambling. It’s all about two lucky gambling duo with a dream of making it big in Louisiana and Mississippi.

It follows their road trips as they gamble their way through several major cities. It’s a road trip with occasion comedy and friendship bond being tested. Although it’s emotional, the movie will leave you laughing and with lots of unanswered questions.



Yes! The casino is about Casinos, but there is more. It’s an epic crime movie featuring Robert De Niro tasked with the role of being a Las Vegas Casino boss. It provides the audience with a glimpse of how a casino functions. The film also follows several high-rollers in the casino.


If you’re a gambler or just interested in different aspects of gambling, then these Netflix gambling movies are a must-watch. Each movie offers something different and has nothing in common.

However, don’t restrict yourself to this list alone. Go online and search for other gambling movies on other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime.

That said, we hope our list of movies will leave you excited and entertained.


Jeff Blaylock is a writer who loves writing about topics in the gambling industry, ranging from software to games to the latest trends. Jeff loves playing online casino games and watching movies, including Rounders and Ocean’s 11.