5 gambling-themed movies made in Great Britain

A great deal of renowned cinematic achievements was brought to us by the movie production companies and screenwriters from the UK.

James Bond, Harry Potter, and A Clockwork Orange are just some of the timeless masterpieces brought to us by UK producers. Even some of the top-performing American movies were written and/or co-produced by the Brits. A lot of people love to gamble casually, so they love when movies explore the topic of gaming.

It’s an emotion they can relate to, and it also makes for good storytelling. So, let’s see what are some of the best movies from Great Britain that have gambling themes. 


Casino Royale 

James Bond is one of the longest-running franchises, and when you have so many movies on a similar topic, it’s only natural for them to become somewhat stale. Luckily, it’s always possible to innovate and revitalize the franchise and Casino Royale is a perfect example. This movie was a reboot, but even if it is telling the already told story, it managed to do a lot of things right.

It was a great example of how directors can handle a reboot, and it was also a great example of why a casino atmosphere is such an ideal element in a story. There is a poker scene that is truly tense, even if everybody knows that Bond will come on top. 



Croupier is an amazing drama, with lots of internal monologues, and tough decisions. It’s all about the relationship of the dealer with casino customers, and we know that croupiers play an important role in how guests feel about casino games. We even have online casinos with live dealer games, and having a charming croupier is essential for the success of these games.

This is why users who are looking for fast paying casinos always check if live dealer games are available, as this content has pretty much revolutionized the gambling industry. The film Croupier takes full advantage of the gambling theme, as it’s about a protagonist who needs to weigh his risks before making important decisions.  


Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

This is definitely a film that made Guy Ritchie such an influential figure in the movie industry. The story was so well received and it immediately became a must-see for anyone who loves this art form. It’s filled with dark humor and gangster dialog because Ritchie excels at both.

Cheating, gambling, and debt are all important elements here, and having protagonists who are not goody-two-shoes makes for a more compelling narrative. This is also a movie that made Jason Statham into the star he is today, so definitely check it out if you haven’t seen it already.  If you have seen it, then watch it again, it’s that good. 



The sequel to Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels is Snatch, and many consider it the best movie Ritchie ever made. It’s about a missing diamond and a Gypsie boxer played by Brad Pitt.

Underground bookies and mobsters play an important role as well, and the movie makes all of the gambling enthusiasts feel like cool gangsters. Much like the previous entry, this is a must-see, not just because of betting, but because it’s an incredible movie in general.  


Funny Man

We rarely get to see films like these, because they are extremely difficult to pull off. This is a dark fantasy horror-comedy, and it may not seem as scary today given how modern horror movies have evolved. This is pretty much true for any horror from the 90s’ but if you were a kid during that period this would have been a really scary experience. 

It’s about a guy who wins a mansion at a poker game, and it turns out that winning was the worst part that happened to him. Once he invites his family over, they realize the mansion is haunted by the so-called Funny Man, who really looks like a Joker from the deck of playing cards. The family is terrorized by this entity, but they also get in a lot of funny situations. It’s a different type of dark humor that is for sure.  


There are lots of other great movies about gambling like Owning Mahowny, 21, Casino, etc. I only focus here on those in the UK, and all of these entries are a must-see in my opinion.

Do you think there is any other movie that I missed, and that I should definitely watch? Please let me know. I love thrillers and comedies, and I think that having gambling as the main plot point can make for a great story. 


Author’s bio: Paul Calderon has spent many years honing his writing skills and learning about effective digital marketing techniques. He specializes in topics related to gambling, gaming, and other forms of entertainment. Paul loves to spend his time watching psychological thrillers, mystery, and horror movies.