How do famous actors spend their holidays?

How do Hollywood stars spend their free time? Interesting situations from the life of actors behind the scenes. 

Actors in real life and in movies

Successful actors in public are often always in character. A successful role captures and, for a long time, mixes everyday habits, preferences in clothing, and manner of speech with the character. Sooner or later, this effect settles, and the person remains behind the scenes, and this is what will be discussed. How famous actors relax in their free time.

Stories from the Life of Actors

An interesting story is connected with Hugh Laurie, the star of the popular show House M.D, broadcast on FOX. On the program, he said that he once talked with George Clooney, who just at that moment had finished filming a project similar in theme. Laurie said he tried his best to keep the conversation going, but nothing came to mind. All medical terminology vanished 5 minutes after the take, he said. Instead, Clooney could quote entire passages from his film.

Ultimately, Laurie summed up that he has been triggered since the end of the series. Every time in the new project with the words of the director of Action, he begins to limp on one leg. This reflex remains removed now.

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Christopher Walken

Once the star of the teen comedy American Pie, actor Seann William Scott told a story about the genius Walken. Christopher played the young actor by saying that he was sad because he had not yet received a single congratulation on his birthday. So Seann hurried to get a birthday cake while there was a break between regular shoots.

After the actor confessed to his prank, he said he would do the same in a week with the group. And surprisingly, on the following day off, the team congratulated the actor, and he smiled and winked at Seann.

The most famous films of the actor

Movie name Year of release
The Dogs of War 1981
The Dead Zone 1983
King of New York 1990
Pulp Fiction 1994

Kurt Russell

The hero of The Thing and Escape from New York recalls how he got into an unpleasant situation during a date with Goldie Hawn. The couple went to The Playboy Club to practice their swing a little and perfect their moves. They enjoyed the dance until the morning and decided to continue in the actress’s new house. Everything would be fine if she did not forget the keys to him.

According to Russell, they had to get into the house through the bedroom window, where nothing had been arranged yet. Silence reigned in the place; from the furniture, only a few armchairs were left. Since the renovation was in full swing, even the light was not carried out to the end. Sitting in the dark and indulging in sympathy for each other, they were distracted by the light from the flashlight. Appearing out of nowhere, the policeman looked at the cooing couple in bewilderment. That night they still had to return to the hotel. 

Sylvester Stallone

Sly is a highly balanced guy, always able to carry himself with dignity. Moreover, he got into a funny situation while still a young actor. While auditioning for the role with Richard Gere, he found a couple of minutes to catch his breath and enjoy a hot dog in his car. At that moment, a blond-haired guy sits next to him with a piece of fried chicken with mustard. Stallone warned that if at least something drops on him, then Gere will not say hello.

And so it happened; there is an opinion that Richard still dislikes Rambo for his character but does not harbor evil.

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As a Conclusion

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