How not to waste quarantine time: Online platforms to take into account

During quarantine people get much free time to learn something new.

However, only some of them begin self-education. It is not so easy to make yourself learn something, especially if you have finished university decades ago. The majority of people prefer to shop, cook, eat and watch TV during the quarantine. The Internet gives us many possibilities which should be taken into account while planning your daily routine.

Educational courses 

In case you have always wanted to learn a new language or get deeper into your or new specialization, you might be interested in these platforms:

  • Coursera, where you can watch video lectures and do tasks for free. You need to pay only in case you need a certificate for your CV. If you have always dreamt to study at top universities, this platform gives you such a chance
  • FutureLearn, where you can buy an unlimited subscription which gives you a chance to get as many digital certificates as you want, depending on the number of courses which you passed successfully
  • iTunes U, which allows users of Apple devices to listen to podcasts and watch videos, both free and paid

Moreover, there are different channels on YouTube which can also help you to become an expert in any sphere. All you need is just to type the name of the subject and choose one of the most viewed and liked videos. 

Watch & Read

There are different lists of top books and movies on the Internet. Print or download a list you need and start self-education. So, if you have always wanted to read a book which influenced the world or watch a movie which was discussed for the whole year, it’s the right time for it. But where can you do it?

  • Amazon Kindle – the best option to get books, with one subscription you will get access to millions of publications in many languages and will be able to read them on any of your devices
  • Netflix – the platform, where you can find the newest and most popular series
  • YouTube – the best place for ones, who do not want to pay and like watching old movies and lectures

Make a plan, take popcorn and enjoy your quarantine.

Find a new hobby

Free time gives us the possibility to try something new. Have you ever drawn since finishing school? Have you ever tried editing your old pictures or videos? Or do a voice over? When was the last time you sang or played the guitar? Why not do all that now? Watch some video lessons and become a professional in a new sphere. 

You might be interested in these YouTube channels:

  • Happy Drawings – drawing lessons both for children and adults;
  • Farjana Drawing Academy – lessons of art for grown-ups;
  • TECH ART – videos, which will make you the pro in Photoshop and other editing programs;
  • GuitarLessons – the best channel for ones, who want to play the guitar.

You might also like different apps which give you the possibility to imagine that you play the real guitar or piano. Unfortunately, the majority of them are paid. But sometimes the necessity to pay makes people more active and diligent.

Spend time with closed ones

Even during quarantine, it’s possible to be in touch with friends and relatives. You can make group video calls and discuss books or movies. Another way to entertain with your friends is to play online games together. Fortunately, there is a great range of apps to choose from. In some cases, all you need is a smartphone. Build your empire, city or farm together, or play virtual football or tennis in teams. In case you prefer to play alone, you can choose games where only guild quests connect you with others 

You might like something from these games:

  • Monopoly
  • Game of Sultans
  • FIFA Football
  • Durak Online
  • Fishdom

In case you have children, you can always watch educational videos with them. Fortunately, there are options both for kids and teens.

Look for new friends

In case you do not have close friends, it’s the right time to find new acquaintances. You can do it with the help of various applications, including educational ones. A lot of people try to learn languages with native speakers, so, if you want to combine studying and communication, it’s the right option for you. You might also like sexting sites, which are the best place for those who prefer to go directly to action. Be candid and respectful towards others, and you will surely find someone who will make your life more interesting.

To sum up, quarantine gives us a unique opportunity to change our life drastically. Instead of spending all time in front of the TV, try something new. Self-education is good for people of all ages, so do not waste your time on routine. Think positively, and quarantine will become a kind of holiday for you.