How television is influencing the online slots machine market

Due to the global pandemic, people have been spending more time indoors which has naturally restricted usual day to day activity.

The closure of gyms, restaurants, bars and shopping centres led to an unprecedented situation where people were scratching around for new hobbies and things to do. But what did people turn to? Some industries to actually benefit from the pandemic were the online streaming and online casino industries. Netflix for example saw a huge surge in people signing up to the service, while online casinos benefited in a similar way.

But it is a combination of the two that is proving to be a greater success. While filming for some new upcoming series was curtailed, there were still plenty being churned out and simultaneously, old classics were being revitalised. Popular characters from decades past are currently mixing it with modern day television icons and the online slot industry has taken advantage of this factor to produce games that further enhance the burgeoning reputation of these characters.

Different popular slot games are finding their home on many online casino websites, bringing many characters to life in the form of animation. Nowadays, it is common to find slot versions such as Wizard of ozGame of ThronesLittle Britain, 24, The Matrix, Robocop, Sherlock Holmes and many more and they are also proving popular amongst slots players. Each available amongst free slots and with bonuses and offers to be picked up.

With many things in life, people are more likely to buy into something when they can relate somewhat to it. This is exactly the effect online casinos and game creators are trying to produce by creating these titles in animated form. Take The Matrix for example, released all those years ago in 1999 but still just as popular, if not more than when it became a box-office hit.

Playtech released the slots game in September 2017 and it is safe to say that it has become a permanent fixture with many online casinos. You are able to follow your favourites characters, Neo, Trinity and Morpheus as they try to save the human race from the machines and Agent Smith and the storyline is brought to you, in the comfort of your home.

Television series and films have always been a beacon of popularity for all ages and everyone has at least one favourite show or movie. They become franchises with spin-offs in the form of video games, comics, books, and online casino is no different. A difference perhaps, is that there is profit to be made from your favourite characters. Game creators are working tirelessly to produce something as close to an actual show as possible. This includes, the graphics of each character, the soundtrack that tootles away in the background and the hero-producing storyline that won you over in the first place.

With these titles in online casino version, there will also be a plethora of bonuses and promotions contained within the game to help you on your quest. Like with any series or movie, you will surely go through the emotions with your character; love them, hate them, get frustrated with them. And this is no different for online slots. As you immerse yourself within a game, you can experience the highs and lows and the raw emotion you would get from watching the television series or movie.

Throughout the global lockdown period, people might feel that they have become closer to certain characters and box sets, due to the time spent binging on them. People might also have picked up new series to watch and new protagonists to follow.

The selling point will always be the character themselves and online casino versions of television titles only serve to further celebrate the successes of these programmes. Regardless of what your favourite title is, you can most definitely find a slots version online; whether it is South Park, Wheel of Fortune, Baywatch or Ted.