Korean dramas to binge-watch

Are you a die-hard fan of Korean dramas? Can you watch Descendants of the Sun and Boys over Flowers on repeat? Or wait – you are still stranger to the magic of Korean dramas?

Whether you are an amateur or a pro to the world of K-dramas, believe us, they are worth giving a shot. They don’t get monotonous at any time, are short and crisp, and feature great actors.

Well, if you have fallen short on good Korean dramas to watch or are just getting started, here are the top Korean dramas to binge-watch while you are quarantined at home.

Time to binge-watch without guilt!

Oh My Venus

This will directly connect with all who hate body shaming. With light heart comedy and romance, Oh My Venus is perfect for a binge-watch. We are sure you will finish it in a go. The story is based on a successful lawyer, Kang Joo Eun, and personal Bollywood star trainer, Kim Young Ho.

The drama keeps you hooked throughout. It is a perfect blend of suspense, comedy, and romance.

Hospital Ship

Loved Descendants of the Sun and finding a similar show to watch? Hospital Ship will take your heart away. With smart faces and super smart storyline, Hospital Ship is based on the life of army doctors that are sent to an island to serve people.

This show conveys the message of how professionals are being treated like family just aptly.

Wondering where you can watch these Korean dramas? There is a range of streaming services like Netflix, Viki, and more. To get the best offers on streaming services and to keep yourself updated with the industry, tune to Streamingwars.com.


Don’t miss out on this one if you are a fan of mystery dramas. Vagabond is based on a dangerous investigation over a plane crash that killed 211 civilians. The one who initiates the investigation, Cha Dal Geon is originally a struggling stunt man. His nephew was one of the civilians who died in the plane crash.

The investigation on whether the plane was sabotaged took sharp and unbelievable turns that will keep you binge-watching it to the end. Cha Dal Geon with the help of his leading co-actor untangles a web of lies on their way.

Legend of Fuyao

If you are looking for a historical drama, Legend of Fuyao will keep you hooked. With 66 episodes, this drama is the best historical series ever seen. The drama revolves around Meng Fuyao, a 16-year-old girl with special fighting technique and Crown Prince Zhangsun Wuji.

The series is based on a novel known as Empress Fuyao. If you are looking for a Korean drama that you can binge-watch and lasts for at least a half a week, this one won’t disappoint you. If you ever want to start with a historical series without getting disappointed, surely start with Legend of Fuyao for once.

Get started with these Korean shows for the time being, while we keep you updated with more such insights.