‘Lucky Number Slevin’ review

It’s been a while since I’ve seen it for the first time. At that time he was not fond of such genres of cinema, I did not know any of the actors in this film, except Willis. But even then I liked the film.

And so, reviewing it a few years later, I realize that the film is a masterpiece. Something that we lack in the past years.

Two fortresses located on opposite sides of the street, one loser, who was not only fired from his job, deprived of his home, but also abandoned by a girl, and his nose is broken.

The first thing that catches the eye – it’s beautiful, strict, but from that no less beautiful interiors and streets. Techniques of shooting also make you blur in a smile: colors, angles, combining frames, stop-frames.

The second is dialogue. You listen to them, you get imbued with them, you think about them, every time, at every new viewing you can’t stop being surprised by these brilliant phrases! Again – like and nothing like that, but love something like! And also with humor.

A film that has conquered the whole of Europe

Lucky Number Slevin managed to establish himself not only in the United States but Europe as well. This was mainly caused by the fact that the movie has an unusual plot twist – something that you will not anticipate while watching it. Because of that, the film managed to gain rapid popularity in Europe and the Scandinavian region as well. In the latter Norwegian Netflix also permitted streaming of the movie.

It should also be noted that the movie has had a direct impact on the gambling industry in Norway.  Some of the elements from the film feature gambling components and to attract more customers Norwegian gambling industry which is rapidly developing decided to introduce some plot elements from the film. One of such elements is guns and symbols that have been used in the movie. If you follow this link, you will see a large list of casinos that have these types of features implemented on their platforms. Of course the aim is obvious – to attract more customers.

And in general, the plot is also no less interesting, or even more. Dialogues only complement it. In some moments it may be predictable, but this predictability only pleases you, thinking about further development is as pleasant as after a hard day’s work to sip an expensive beer, stretching out in your favorite chair. But to a greater extent, it is still unpredictable, some moments make you well excited, and the scene of the reincarnation of Slevin makes you scream with delight!

The third is the soundtrack. Josh Ralph did his best! Each melody is ideally suited to a particular scene, complements it, allows you to feel the atmosphere of what is happening more vividly. Sometimes even understand, imagine the feelings and emotions of the hero himself. How thrilling!

And here’s the most interesting thing – actors. Amazing play, each character feels as good and full, as if he or she is sitting in front of you, right here, next to this chair, and from his exhalations swaying hair on your forehead.

Josh Hartnett is excellent playing a mysterious hero Nick. His anger was felt almost by the skin.

Bruce Willis – Goodkat. Yes, he’s cunning, just like a cat. And deft, as he – outsmarted both the boss and the rabbi. He is smart, careful, and works professionally. It is as if he is born for this role.

Lucy Liu is also perfectly accustomed to the role of pathologist Lindsay – a kind of fussy, everywhere sticking her cute nose dog, also distinguished by intelligence and ingenuity. She’s also very nice in this movie.

Morgan Freeman –  Boss, the head of all the heads. Smart, serious, harsh, hard, loving to say a word, loving to play on the nerves of others and chess. Played perfectly – well, you can not believe that he is Boss.

Ben Kingsley – Rabbi. He lives in both yards and his trees are always taller. But he’s nonetheless more like a rabbi than a gangster. His face is very kind, he loves his son very much. He even wiped his hands with a rag after he took the gun in his hands. However, when necessary, he is as harsh as the Boss.

As a result, we have a great film that will not leave anyone indifferent: someone will like a cunning plot, someone a beautiful picture, someone quite frequent scenes of violence, someone a beautiful Saudi, someone ‘cute’ Josh, someone ‘cutie’ Lucy, and someone branded spots on the face of Morgan Freeman. I think the film was a success!