Marvel’s ‘Avengers’ game release announced for September 2020

At some point in life, we’ve all been dreaming about being a superhero.

You may have thought about what it’s like to control metal, read people’s minds, control the time, or even wonder what kind of harm you’d do if you would be strong like Hulk. But, unfortunately, that’s not how the real world works. We could only dream about it. Well, at least until now.

Marvel’s Avengers, Square Enix’s Avengers game will be released for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 early on 4th September with a price starting at $59.99, but as always deals can be found on pc game retail stores along with cd keys discount code with all the game offers available on the video game price comparison site Cdkeybay, listing all cheap cd keys selling for PC and console.

Marvel’s Avengers will not be an open-world game. Instead, it will be divided into separate, smaller areas with an open-world feeling, but not all of them will be linked. It seems that this is a narrative decision.


According to Crystal Dynamics, the team did not want to limit the Avengers to a single district or region of the city. The Avengers continue moving around, and to be loyal to it and then give the game a higher stake, Crystal Dynamics could never go for an open-world title.

That being said, although we’ve just seen the San Francisco section up to this point, it may take players all over the world to different parts of the world. Further, post-launch additional regions will be added free of charge.


The story

The story opens on A-Day in SF, California. It’s a day to honor the Avengers, a superhero group made of some of our favorite characters: Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk.

The Avengers had recently developed a new, unique tech that led them to partner up with S.H.I.E.L.D., specialized law enforcement and anti-terrorism organization that aims to deal with supernatural dangers. The ceremony, after all, interrupts the antihero Taskmaster and his goons. The Taskmaster steals the modern technology they developed. They started to use it to wreak havoc on San Francisco as well as the Avengers.


Marvel’s Avengers

It starts just as you would imagine, though, with such a tense, exciting battle sequence that sets the entire squad’s supernatural skills to the test. Throughout the gameplay developers shown so far, combat looks fluid and easy to learn, with each superhero bringing their own distinctive, enjoyable skills and abilities into the fight.



We’re jumping into the action as the squad begins fighting off the goons upon this Golden Gate Bridge. The first character you’ll use: First up, Thor. He may have been our preferred Avenger to play with because of the weight of Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer). It feels great to control the Thunder God, although Thor’s face is still a little off.

Every time that Mjolnir delivers a strike on a goon, you’ll feel the vibration and that it’s satisfying like hell-small vibrations for regular hits and huge ones for intense attacks. The haptic sensitivity is a tiny aspect, but it brings so much, particularly if you throw Mjolnir at opponents, pin them to vehicles, and afterward hear Thor’s force snatching the hammer out of the air as it turns back.


Iron Man

We gain control of Tony Stark (popularly known as the Iron Man) once we destroy enough enemies with the God Of Thunder. It’s at this point that we suddenly note how special it will be to play with each hero – it’s almost like playing a whole different game. Although Thor’s mechanics feel more like raging in the God of War, Iron Man seems to be in line with zipping along with Anthem.

Yet Iron Man looks better than Anthem’s battle suits. In reality, his flying controls perfectly. For someone that is always disappointed with flight in games, it is a breath of fresh air. Sensitivity wasn’t even that hard at all; we could smoothly cross up, down, and side by side without moving any further than expected.

Iron Man can smoothly hover throughout the air, fire rockets, and keep firing as he goes. Sometimes even lacerating opponents into flames (so let’s disregard entirely the aspect where superheroes somehow don’t murder people). Nevertheless, we felt a little constrained with what Tony Stark can do in combat-wise, but might simply be due to a lack of experience on our behalf.



With the Iron Man’s segment completed, gey ready for the Hulk (known as Bruce Banner) to spin. We watched the incredible scenes where Bruce dives out of the aircraft and lands like a Terminator, and it feels great to control him while doing that.

Have you ever wanted to relive the moment from the Avengers movie when Hulk catches Loki and slams him into the floor like a sack of potatoes? Well, you’re lucky. Hulk will quickly pick up a little goon and throw him off. It would be as simple as you would assume it was for the big fella, and it’s an enjoyable experience.


Black Widow

Black widow, on the other hand, is Hulk’s opposite. The wispy ex-spy plays like a crossover between Tomb Raider and BloodRayne (unsurprisingly because Crystal Dynamics, the company behind Avengers, has played several of the Tomb Raider titles, including the reboot series). Natasha Romanova is quick, athletic, and the supreme hand-to-hand warrior.

Black Widow’s combat techniques are mostly for a close fight: catching, kicking, and punching. Furthermore, it also starts with a dual-pistols set in order to perform long-range attacks. Similar to Tomb Raider, right?


Captain America

In the end, we’ve got Cap. Captain America. He combines Thor’s hard-hitting arm with the flexibility of the Black Widow. Steve Rogers dodges and glides through attackers, uses his super-soldier abilities and shield made of vibranium to block massive hits, or just to shake some goon head in.

However, the most rewarding move Captain America begins with is the power to throw the shield to easily take out any opponent in the range: like a boomerang of pain and vengeance. It’s a pity that Steve ends up going down with the ship once it turns out that the whole event had been a set-up.


Although some improvements are certainly needed, Marvel’s Avengers is going to become the superhero game we’ve been waiting for. Every hero plays as if they were the star of their own story, and the battle feels beautifully balanced-it’s simple thinking of how each hero will feel.

We’re thrilled to look deeper into the personal stories of the superheroes, and we’re eager to see if customization and coop mode can further improve the game.