Most Memorable British TV Shows and Series about Casino

For many people, gambling represents their favorite pastime activity. It’s fun and relaxing. In addition, it can bring significant sums of money. Thus, many new online casinos in Australia have joined the market lately, and that trend will continue.

Those who love playing slots and table games equally enjoy TV series and movies that are gambling-based. A good way to find reputable and reliable online casinos is by searching the AussieBestCasinos website where they list trustworthy options. As for the best British gambling shows and series, look for them in this article. Each UK television show is unique, exciting, and has fantastic characters. Let’s dive in. 


Peaky Blinders

In the world of gambling TV shows and series, Peaky Blinders climbed up the ladder pretty fast. Today, it’s a popular UK show. Those who haven’t watched Peaky Blinders can enjoy six seasons on Netflix. 

The Shelby family is at the center of attention. The story focuses on betting and crime and an empire that family members managed to create. That gang, led by Thomas Shelby, the main family character, expands its territory and sets mayhem in that area.

Steven Knight created the show, and several top actors delivered outstanding performances, including Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Paul Anderson, and Helen McCrory. For the gambling fans, every season is pure enjoyment.


Big Deal

Another great UK show that deserves to be included is a series called Big Deal. Initially broadcast by the BBC almost four decades ago, it’s still an excellent comedy-drama that follows Ray Brooks, a small-time gambler from London.

Poker is one of the most popular gambling games for real money. These days, poker variations are present in land-based and online casinos. Big Deal focuses on Ray who is among the players with poker addiction. The story points to different sides of that passion and how it affects not only Ray but his family, including his girlfriend and daughter.

Sometimes, watching Ray’s struggle Ray is far from fun. The actions aren’t taken seriously. This comedy-drama gambling series has three seasons, and those episodes are available on YouTube.


Catherine Cook: The Gambling Man

In real casinos, poker is a top-choice game for many players. This is another popular show, a three-part TV series based on the novel by Catherine Cook written in 1975. The movie, produced by Ray Marshall, had its first broadcast in 1995. It’s considered one of the longest gambling movies, consisting of three episodes of 50 minutes each. The novel plot may be autobiographical, due to Cook’s father being a gambler.

Both the novel and the series follow Rory Connor, played by Robson Green, a passionate poker player and rent collector that gets into a bad company. He thinks playing cards is his way out. Thus, he continues to play poker, but his luck goes both ways. Rory builds his life on lies but manages to achieve things he wants, including marrying the girl of his dreams. But, it all may fall apart.


Late Night Poker 

Here is another fantastic TV show that has the popular casino game of poker in focus. When it premiered in 1999, “Late Night Poker” featured the country’s most well-known poker players in a single-table no-limit Texas Hold’em tournament. Contestants who won preliminary rounds would come back to compete in later episodes until the finale, where the champion was named. 

David “Devilfish” Ulliott was the winner of Season 1, and this victory helped him gain recognition as one of the most famous poker players in the world. The winner of Season 2 was Simon Trumper. According to some speculations, the renowned piece could return with a mix of new and old players. 



Hustle is another amazing TV show where gambling and casino are involved. The series follows the group that cons only those who committed a crime or wronged someone in some way. The team aims not only at individuals but corporations as well.

The characters are fun, unique, and have interesting personalities. The group’s Robin Hood approach gives the show a special touch, making it incredibly thrilling. With eight seasons and an incredible cast, it’s a must-watch. Tony Jordan created the show, which features 48 episodes in total. The first one aired in February 2004.


The gambling industry keeps growing. Thanks to technological advancements, people can play casino games online. Over the years, there have been many fantastic movies and TV shows about casinos, and here, you’ll find the best ones created in the United Kingdom. With great plots, outstanding cast performances, and thrill that’s all around, watching any of these shows is a blast.