Most Popular British Movies and Serials About Dating

Although some films about dating are so far from realistic, they do have a tendency to reveal timeless wisdom about romance in general.

British romance is rather unique, even-keeled, and slower-paced than other kinds of romance that is seen in the present day. That means the videos of their form of relationships are useful for people to watch no matter where they are from. That’s why we’re going to list several British romance films and show you why they’re so popular.


Dates (2013)

The basis of the show Dates is that every episode of the show features one date happening. The show does such a great job of emulating the relationships that people form online, that it can be hard for new viewers to believe that the show is written and directed. There are numerous reasons that people originally tuned into the show such as realism, the fact that the show doesn’t pull any punches, and it keeps the audience guessing. The dating site likes to break myths about online dating, but this British show does a great job at the portrayal of the current dating world. One successful date decides all, so you have to be ready.


Last Christmas (2019)

The film Last Christmas features a young woman that is constantly stuck working as an elf at a Christmas store that happens to run all year round. Kate feels that her life doesn’t have a lot of prospects, and she has been suffering from some serious ailments. She meets a man named Tom and begins to turn her life around. This film is some great seasonal fun because it has some twists and turns that remind you that life is precious and it’s great to share it with another person any way that you can. This one could be a tear-jerker and it’s seasonal, so keep that in mind!


Emma (2020)

We all have that one friend that likes to set people up, for better or worse. Well, Emma is a classic story that has been given a new spin in theaters. This is a timeless story because it shows that some people like to interfere in the lives of others, even if they don’t realize that it can cause harm. While mostly everything turns out fine in Emma’s life, it’s important for you to take away that you should be forthright with your desires, even if it makes you take a chance at rejection.


Atonement (2007)

Atonement is a film that is about being truthful in dating. Without giving away too much of the story, a young man named Robbie tries to tell a woman named Cecilia that he likes her, but ends up sending a wrong letter, which spirals into a horrible chain of events. These events are made worse by the misinterpretation of Cecilia’s sister. The long and short of the film is heartbreaking, but the lessons are the same. If you think that you like someone or love them, then it’s a good idea to get the words out of your mouth to them before anyone can misconstrue them and mess up an otherwise good thing.


There are numerous different dating serials and movies that are out there. The reason that they are so famous is that the dating and relationships of people from Britain tend to be more based on emotional integration and a slow build up rather than a love at first sight. That makes the outcomes of their films much more interesting, and people tend to have a great response when films and serials like this appear.