Movies with English Subtitles That Are Extremely Popular in the USA

Native English speakers are very lucky people. They don’t have to spend days and nights trying to improve their skills.

It is a language of international communication that is very popular worldwide. People from France, China, Germany, Italy, and other countries have been learning it for years. They work on reading and writing, and, what is even more important, listening and understanding.

The good news is that it is possible to boost your English even with entertainment content. For example, when you’re watching movies with English subtitles. So, if you’re a content maker, use this tip, and don’t forget about the high-quality video-to-text transcription that will help you to reach a wider audience.

How do English Subtitles Really Help?

Without any doubt, human-written subtitles can be very useful. Actually, there are many reasons, and not all of them are related to education.

  1. Not all people can hear your movie. There are millions of people in the USA and all over the world who are deaf or experience difficulties of hearing. The subtitling industry is a relief for them.
  2. Some people watch videos with the audio turned off. It goes not about movies only but about Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and other videos as well. Their purposes don’t matter but if you want to have a chance to interact with this audience, hire a good human transcript service.
  3. Subtitles are helpful for comprehension. In fact, even people with flawless English prefer watching videos with subtitles. They do it when they want to understand the content better since visual comprehension is much easier.
  4. Even though lots of people speak English, most of them are not native speakers. When you’re adding subtitles to videos, you show your attitude, you show that you care. And, undoubtedly, you expand your audience and attract new people.
  5. You can improve your SEO metrics. Search engines don’t range movies and videos but they range your text content. Professional subtitlers can create SEO-friendly captions for you that will make your platform visible.

Now that you understand what are the benefits of subtitles, we are going to provide you with a list of amazing movies that could be less popular without captions. Some of them are book-based so that you can spend your time doubly interesting.

Forrest Gump

This movie is the best choice if you want to expand your American English vocabulary. It touches on different topics, including casual life in this country, and political issues. There are also many interesting dialogues about eternal problems — love, friendship, death, vocation, etc. The famous quote about the box of chocolates that was compared to life where you never know what you’re going to get has become viral because of this movie. Watch it with subtitles to find more curious insights.

Fight Club

Fight Club” is one of the most popular movies in the USA since it brings many issues to discuss. At the first sight, guys are just fighting but there is something more behind their fights: mental health, social, philosophy issues. It is a movie about destiny and searching for the meaning of life. Video subtitles in this movie are very useful for people who have never learned specific terms.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Want to improve your business English? Choose this movie about big money with Leonardo DiCaprio! Along with professional terms like “rat hole”, you’ll learn some swear words which is also necessary when you’re going to integrate into the English-speaking community.

What is interesting, “The Wolf of Wall Street” is fantastic at showing differences between business practices in different countries, i.e. in the USA and Europe. For example, the main character is always ready to speak about business but his partners from Switzerland can’t do it until they have a successful casual conversation.

The King’s Speech

Though this movie is not about the American culture, it is still very popular among Americans because of the great cast and incredible story. It tells about King George VI of England who had problems with stuttering. In other words, he tried to improve his speaking skills, and it is a good opportunity to work over your English accent as well.

Dead Poets Society

Robin Williams who portrayed an English professor made this film super popular all over the world. Moreover, it is one of the most-watched movies in colleges and universities since it raises a lot of important educational issues. Particularly, this movie offers to discuss classic educational patterns and new approaches. The interesting fact is that it was filmed in 1989, and everything has changed since this time. But “Dead Poets Society” is still popular and relevant.

The Hunger Games

It is one of the movies that can boost your English because it includes various understandable terms that are widely used in real life. The movie tells the story of an imaginary country where people literally fight to survive. Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth brilliantly portrayed the main characters.