Netflix Roulette Tells You Which TV Show You Should Be Watching

Tired of spending hours sifting through the ocean of content that Netflix UK offers? There’s a new, luck-based way to find your next favourite show.

Brand new and classic British TV shows are hitting the virtual shelves of Netflix every month, with the October additions including the likes of A United Kingdom, Pose, The Alienist, and A Life on Our Planet. So much content is on the one platform, and it never gets any easier to find great shows that you haven’t seen yet or those hidden gems that aren’t in the select few that everyone seems to be watching.

Now, having drawn from a classic and much-loved casino game, there’s a new way to test your luck to see which shows you should try.

Let fate decide your next Netflix obsession

Roulette is a simple luck-based game, with its popularity standing the test of time. The game is centuries-old, but because its fundamentals are simple but fun, it has been able to stay relevant, move online and even use video streaming itself as part of live roulette, and even become the basis of the Netflix roulette blog mechanics. Even now, the top-rated online casinos of the roulette site offer users several ways to play the classic games.

As everyone knows how roulette works and generally enjoy the thrill of seeing the random result spin-in, it presents itself as the perfect way for a quick and easy decision to be made. Drawing from this, Netflix roulette on the ReelGood website has become a great way to find your next favourite show on the vast platform of content. It takes out the wasted time of scrolling through the platform and reading the minimal descriptions, fast-tracking you to the good stuff, making the decision for you.

How to use Netflix roulette to find your show

Netflix offers over 5,000 shows and movies, with so few of them ever catching on with the masses to make it to front pages of genres or trending lists. Netflix roulette narrows down the searching to just four adjustable options. All you need to do is pick one of the 29 genre options, tick one or both of the ‘Movies’ or ‘TV Shows’ boxes, select your optimum IMDB rating minimum, and then the ReelGood score.

As an example, if you enjoyed The Last Kingdom and are as excited for Season 5 as the cast, all you need to do is input similar options to direct the roulette selection. So, you’d want to put in ‘Action & Adventure’ or ‘History’ as the genre, tick the ‘TV Shows’ box, pick ‘>8’ on the IMDB score, and ‘>80’ for the ReelGood score, with the two outlets giving it an 8.4 and 85 rating, respectively. Shows like Spaced, Kingdom, Narcos: Mexico, The Crown, or The Last Dance might end up being your new obsession thanks to the roulette.

Instead of defaulting to one of your four favourite, well-worn shows form your list, give the Netflix roulette a spin and see what show fate has chosen for you to watch.