Nursing Ethics and Moral Dilemmas in British Films

Nursing education is closely linked to ethical and moral values. Ethical dilemmas occur when conflicting values and controversy exist among the involved parties. It affects patients as well as healthcare-provider bonding. But moral dilemmas are decision-making issues between two possible moral essentials. Neither of them is preferable or acceptable.#

It also shows natural human behavior as well as how society behaves. In movies, the audience sometimes sees what seems correct. But in reality, they are not. Below are some famous British movies that provide fascinating ethical and moral dilemmas.

3 Famous British Movies with Ethical Dilemma 

This section explores British films that deal with severe ethical and moral problems. You can learn more about this from nursing essay writing. The concept of medical ethics has yet to be brought up very commonly in films, but you may be asked to write an essay on it at university. It should not just be theoretical but also include updated nursing articles and medical case studies.  

According to Statista, nursing is one of those areas where the ethical standard is adhered to most, so it is important to understand what exactly is ethical. Nursing ethics and moral dilemmas may include issues such as:

  • end of life care
  • patient autonomy,
  • privacy
  • conflict of interest.

1. The Constant Gardener

The Constant Gardener blends an adventure with a conspiracy about Western companies in Africa. This film opened when Activist Tessa Quale was murdered fiercely in North Kenya. She is married to British Diplomat – Ralph Fiennes. When his doctor friend knows about this, he runs away.

British High Commission Nairobi Members think the activist’s widower and their colleague Justin Quale will ask them to solve an entire case. The personal journey of Justin Quale over three continents shocked everyone.

He used his power to find diplomatic secrets. Justin tried everything to uncover the pharmaceutical industry’s truth. Quale found it was a huge conspiracy. Pharmaceutical companies use Africans to test drugs. It helps them make huge profits in Western regions. The British movie was so popular that it won four Oscar nominations. 

2. The English Patient

The English Patient is an  Oscar-winning film. This World War II story highlights adventure, love, and fascination. It starts with four people who meet at the end of World War 2. Hana, a Canadian nurse, takes Ralph Fiennes, a badly burned patient, to an Italian monastery. In rural peace, she decided to take care of Ralph. Fiennes remembers nothing.

Ralph reminds her of other men she loved during WW2. Caravaggio, who likes Hana, says, “I don’t think he has forgotten anything.” But as she sees him, she feels he will die if they fall in love. I will not reveal the entire story. Watch the film until you reach its end and know the vital details.


3. Vera Drake

There is a loving Drake family in this film. It tells a parallel story about a rich girl “Susan”. She is the daughter of a family where Vera performs cleaning work. Susan’s boyfriend raped her. She decided on a legal abortion. But she failed. So, Susan had to depend on Vera Drake for abortion.

Vera’s family was shattered when police staff were involved in a near-death case. The British film shows inflexible laws. There is love and loyalty in the Drake family as well.


Many British movies put their characters through ethical dilemmas. It makes the scenes much more engaging. Health problems are nearly universal. Ethical and nursing dilemmas go together. Well-trained doctors and nurses sometimes need to correct their mistakes. Nurses usually follow physician orders. However, an ethical dilemma may occur when you still determine if the prescribed order is correct.

It could be complications, allergies, or other parameters that benefit patients and question the medical order. Whether you’re an avid nurse in college or a licensed nurse learning to tackle challenges, understand you are not alone. Handle such hurdles by getting expert support via classes in school. A lesson will give an understanding of ethical issues, and teachers will be able to help by answering questions.