Popular sports films putting the spotlight on the underdog

The key elements of a good film are great characters and an intriguing plot line.

Therefore, whether you’re a sports fan or not, you’re likely to find a good sports film as moving and emotional as any other type of film. Whether a biopic or a drama, sports films that focus on the story of an underdog are often the most popular, as viewers enjoy watching an individual person’s rise to success. These sorts of films also encourage young watchers to start a sport of their own, as they feel inspired by seeing someone unassuming succeed.

How can everyone get involved in the action?

For those who don’t feel compelled to start a new sport, sports films also have the power to inspire people to watch sports, as these individuals begin to understand the thrill and allure of sport when they see it dramatised on the big screen. This may lead them to attend live matches or try sports betting so that they can further participate in the excitement surrounding the game as the result becomes more important. If you’re inspired to get into sports betting yourself, bonusfinder.com provides information for different betting sites, including bonus offers and whether or not a certain site is legal in a certain US state.

Rocky (1976)

No list of inspirational sports films would be complete without a mention of the story of the small-time boxer Rocky Balboa. Following the roaring success of the first film, another 5 were made. Details on the other films can be found on filmlifestyle.com.

This film was so appealing, as it presented Rocky as the underdog who defeats the odds against him and becomes a heavyweight champion. This appealed to those who believe in the American Dream, as it demonstrated that through hard work and determination, even those least likely to become successful had a shot.

The Karate Kid (1984)

After moving to a new city with his single mother, the protagonist, Daniel LaRusso, becomes the victim of bullying. He develops a close bond with his neighbour, Mr Miyagi, and the bullied teenager begins to learn karate with him. Miyagi shows him that there’s more to karate than violence and teaches him lessons in compassion along the way.

The Karate Kid shows that it’s possible to overcome hardships and obstacles with commitment and dedication. It also demonstrates the importance of personal growth and finding healthy outlets for internal emotions. The film is packed full of inspirational quotes, which can be viewed at everydaypower.com.

Bend it Like Beckham (2002)

This British film depicts the story of Jess and Jules, two female football players who help their team win their way to the championships.

Jess is the daughter of a strict Sikh couple who disallows her from playing the sport. However, Jules persuades her to join a semi-pro team after she sees her playing one day. Jess continues to play while hiding the matches from her parents. The film is an inspirational demonstration of one girl’s struggle with parental expectations and gender and race issues.