Questions to consider when writing your GMO essay

Presently, when more and more people start to think and live green, genetically modified food becomes a hot topic widely discussed in everyday life and within scientific circles.

No wonder, college students are often assigned to write essays on similar topics. Of course, every student wants their essay, especially the one concerning such an important topic as GMO, to be as appealing and informative as possible. Moreover, a strong essay needs to be fresh, original, and engaging to earn a good grade, which, as you know, is very important for every student.

So what shall you do to create the essay about Genetically Modified Food that will stand out from the crowd? You can contact specialists from professional essay writing services that will help you write high quality paper within the shortest period of time.  Or you may want to give you creativity a shot and write a paper on your own.

In this case, you’ll need to come up with an engaging topic that will impress your teacher and provide deeper insight into GMO-related problems. We suggest that you consider the following questions when working on your paper. Note that they may serve as standalone topics or separate points to cover in your GMO essay.

What is GMO?

At first sight, this question may seem too simple and unoriginal to be worth being covered in your essay or research paper. But it’s not quite true. Regardless of your specific focus, it’s a good idea to start your essay with explaining what a GMO actually is. Though there is no point in dwelling on this generic topic for too long, make sure to mention that genetic material of any GMO has been changed using genetic engineering methods.

You may want to enlarge on these methods and techniques, as well. And don’t forget to briefly explain why nowadays so many countries choose to produce GM products in the face of growing public concern over their alleged being harmful.

What are the Main Human Health Issues Associated with GM Foods?

The biggest concern about the production and use of GM products stems from people’s unawareness of the potential risks GMOs may pose to human health. So, you may want to clarify this in your essay. Mention the fact that there is an apprehension that GMOs may be more allergenic than their counterparts developed using traditional breeding techniques. Among other concerns widely debated are gene transfer from GM products to human body, which may occur as a result of consuming GM foods, and penetration of GM plants’ genes into conventional crops, which is also considered harmful to human health. Be sure to rely on and cite the latest research findings when assessing the validity of each argument. Explain your audience whether or not the fears of those scientists, politicians, and activists speaking against GMOs are well-grounded.

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What are the Issues of Concern for Environments?

As with human health risks associated with GM foods, little is known about potential risks GMOs may pose to our environment. Nonetheless, it you want to shed some light on this problem in your essay, knock yourself out! We’re sure your professor will appreciate your efforts and striving to delve into such a complicated matter.

How Are GM Foods Regulated Nationally?

If spending hours reviewing numerous documents and legislative acts regulating the production and labeling of GM foods isn’t something that scares you, you may offer some insights into the way different governments regulate GM foods. Take care to compare and contrast the regulatory policies of different countries to see the whole picture.

What is the Role of the WHO in Evaluating GM Foods?

Of course, the WHO cannot remain aloof from the heated debates sparked off by GM foods. The organization conducts researches on a regular basis that help to determine and evaluate both direct and unintended effects of foods derived from modern biotechnology. Feel free to cover this topic more in-depth in your essay.

They are only some of the questions you may cover in your GMO essay. We’ll be happy if our ideas will come in handy in the process of writing your essay online. Still, should you want to explore some other issues or concerns associated with GMOs, feel free to employ your creativity and all the available resources to create the best essay.