Spruce Up Your Home With These ‘Bridgerton’-Inspired Interior Design Ideas

Bridgerton is heading back to Netflix for its third season, and upon its return the period drama is expected to make waves once more.

According to reports, the next installment of the hit series will focus on the slow-burning romance between Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin (Luke Newton). It was also revealed that production is in full swing for season 3 and it’s expected to premiere in late spring 2023.

Apart from the new romance storyline, fans can’t also wait to see how the fashion will evolve since the show spawned a lot of Regency era-inspired style trends when it premiered in 2020. Style watchers are also eager to see the production design of the upcoming season since the sets, especially the Featherington and Bridgerton homes, truly reflect the era, as well as each family’s aesthetics and personalities. If you’re looking to infuse your home with a bit of Bridgerton style, here are some interior design ideas to consider.


Add some Color

ToTo embrace Regency period interior design, you’ll need to add a touch of color into your home. Not only does it tie in to the era’s aesthetics, but it’s also an easy and effective way to brighten up your home, especially during the winter season. The furniture is usually paired with soft coverings in shades of cream, soft pink, and powder blue. This is the color palette used in the Bridgerton home. Meanwhile, the Featherington abode features more vibrant colors and you’ll find swaths of citrus hues such as orange, lime, and yellow. See if you can find these colors in throw pillow covers, throw blankets, drapes, cushions, rugs, and art work, then incorporate these items into your decor.


Pick the Right Furniture

Regency era furniture featured a mix of curved and straight lines. Most of the furniture during this time was made of dark wood, such as rosewood and mahogany. You’ll also find a lot of gilded or gold accents and brass inlays, and chair legs were either column or X-shaped. You can go vintage furniture shopping to find some Regency-style furniture, or you can have it custom-made, especially if you want your pieces to have the look of the era but the comfort of modern-day craftsmanship. Choose sofas and chairs with tufting and gold trim for your living room, and have a four poster bed in your bedroom if you want to go all out. Don’t forget to add luxurious sheets and a duvet cover with a soft botanical print to up the comfort factor of your bed.


Accessorize with a Touch of Gold

Regencycore is all about extravagant interiors and not-so-subtle displays of wealth, so naturally you’ll find a lot of gold accents in grand Regency-era homes. Chair and table legs can be painted in gold, and you can place pictures and paintings in gold frames. Consider decorating with golden candelabras and chandeliers to add illumination and more sparkle into your home. You can also hang gold mirrors or create table displays with a few golden objects.


Create Places to Lounge

For the ton in the Regency era, living in style means having a place to lounge in every part of the home. So incorporate some daybeds with scrolled ends into your decor– they’re a mainstay of Regency interior design. Pick ones covered in a fabric with a slight sheen. You can also add oversized ottomans with matching poufs to create more places to relax and chat with friends and family members.

Regency style is all the rage, thanks to the popularity of Bridgerton. Consider these interior design ideas to style your home and channel your inner Colin, Daphne, or Penelope as you spend time in your newly decorated abode.