‘Sunshine’: Overview of British Comedy Drama

Sunshine is a three-part comedy that started on 7 October 2008 on BBC and ended on 21 October 2008.

Having millions of viewers, this drama was created by Craig Cash and Phil Mealey. These co-writers who appear in the series made an amazing collaboration between them. Sunshine is, in fact, a story of a loving father but has a gambling problem. 

The comic drama is, actually, a story of three generations of the Crosby family and apart from Phil Mealey and Craig Cash, other actors play in the series. They include Bernard Hill an actor in the Lord Of The Rings and Titanic, Lisa Millett an actress in series, Drop Dead Gorgeous and Blackpool, Steve Coogan, Stephen Marcus, Geoffrey Hutchings, and others.


What is Sunshine About?

The story is about Bob ‘Bing’ Crosby (Steve Coogan), an addicted gambler. He was popular in his area and has friends but he cannot resist betting in horse races. Bernadette (Lisa Millett) , his childhood friend became his lover and they had a cute son Joe, played by actor Dominic Senior. Bernadette was often angry with her husband’s gambling habits but she always forgave him. There was a moment when Bob wagered with a higher amount of money and he could lose his family. 


He saved money to buy a television for his father but he began to steal this money to gamble. When his father George (Bernard Hill) learnt that he had stolen the money, he revealed that he was unable to do it and returned the money. Bing also admitted that he was an addicted gambler. Although the episode is closed with the death of George, the drama is a combination of love, comedy, and tragedy.


What Lessons can the Viewers Learn from Sunshine?

According to Ian Semel, a former problem gambler and head of Gambling Therapy, a helpline for gambling addiction, Sunshine is a perfect illustration for the problem gambler. The TV show addresses the issue of people who experience gambling addiction and teaches them about the effects of gambling. Bob is a happy man with a beautiful wife and a lovely son. 

His addiction to gambling nearly destroyed his family. Today, with the rise of gambling in the UK, Sunshine is essential to alert people about the negative consequences of gambling. The viewers will learn that there are several people who gamble excessively and the problem associated with this addiction is financial but it can also lead to relationship problems like the case of Bob.


Understand GamCare’s Duties

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Is Sunshine Based on a True Story?

Bernadette (Lisa Millett) who plays Bob’s wife in the comic drama affirmed that both Craig Cash and Phil Mealey are both geniuses. Her role made her discover a new life like getting married and giving birth. As for Bernard Hill who played the role of George, Bing’s father, he explained that he has really appreciated Joe (Dominic Senior) and despite his first experience and his age, he showed a real feat. 

Hill was previously taken on big roles in Hollywood like Captain Smith in Titanic and King Theoden of Rohan in The Lord Of The Ring and his role in Sunshine is an affectionate grandfather. Sunshine is not based on a true story but it is inspired by actual events in the United Kingdom.