The 4 Best British Movies of all times That Are a Must-Watch

If you’re looking for captivating and enticing films, it’s time to try British movies.

Get the chance to dive into the vast movie genre that you can hardly exhaust. There’s never a dull moment when you start exploring the various movie genres ranging from action films, romantic movies to science-fiction and historical biopics, among others. It’s a time to spruce up your movie nights by also trying to buy Viagra in Canada to combat ED, which might be a great turn-off after a great time watching moves. Below are some of the thrilling British movies that you can’t afford to miss.



If you’re yet to watch this popular British film with a massive following among the cinephiles, you’re missing out big time. It’s a film that manages to capture a generation’s pain and angst with virile energy and truly astonishing intensity. It’s a chance to check out the heroin addicts’ chronicles while seeing their survival as well. It’s a film that forces one to enter into a deep state of thinking while enjoying the delectable soundtrack.


The Third Man 

Get the chance to watch this suspense thriller with a pulp of fiction. The movies have a distinct atmospheric storyline that brings about a different visual aesthetic scene. It’s set to post World War 2, where an American gentleman sets foot in Vienna after getting a job from his ally. Sadly, the friend passes on under very queer circumstances. Holly Martins is on the path to uncovering the unfortunate events’ truth but ends up on the corruption snare. Through this film, you’ll get to appreciate the hypnotic brilliance, which is quite astonishing.


Brief Encounter 

Here’s a film with a poignant story of an impossible love story. Check out these fine works from the seminal British director David Lean. In this film, two married individuals meet by chance at the train station before World War 2. Despite the impossible circumstances that lay eminent, they fall in love with each other passionately.


The 39 Steps 

In this film, Richard Hanny is now a fugitive after being accused of an agent’s death on the eve of World War 1. Hanny is searching to prevent a German spy ring from getting top secret information from the British government.

He uses the flying Scotsman to flee to Scotland. He later crosses the highlands to Killin before making a comeback to London at the grand finale’s palladium. Hanny appears as the unwitting accomplice as Hitchcock appears in a trademark cameo outside the music hall. It’s one of the greatest British films ever made with touching plot twists that you’ll enjoy.


There’s no need to spend your leisure time bored while you can search for some of the best British movies to watch. Other than gaining great insights about different historical times, it’s also a chance to learn English. These movies are excellent for a perfect night as you also supplement your time once you buy Viagra in Canada to ensure the night ends on a high note.