The Best British Blackjack Movies of All Time

With how exciting blackjack is, there is little wonder that it has inspired a lot of people in the cinematic world.

With the high tension, the whirlwind of emotions, and the quick-witted strategies, movies about blackjack keep you on the edge of your seat. There are several exciting films that were inspired by blackjack. We’re going to focus on eight of our favourites. If at the end of the article, you’re ready to play online casino blackjack, click the link to find some of the best sites for a taste of this entertainment.


  1. Ocean’s Thirteen (2007)

If you love action-packed movies, then there’s a high chance that you’ve heard about the Ocean trilogy. This movie is the remake of that trilogy. When one of their friends gets scammed by a casino, Danny Ocean puts together a team. They hatch an ambitious revenge plot with the plan to sabotage the opening of a new casino.


  1. 21 (2008)

This exciting movie features a bright young student who cannot afford his scholarship. It brings to life the real story of the MIT Blackjack team, an ambitious group of young people who want to destroy the ‘house always wins’ myth. This team of six was trained to count cards expertly and beat the casino at their own game. This movie is an absolute must-watch for all blackjack enthusiasts as it portrays the skill, strategy, and excitement of the game.


  1. The Last Casino (2004)

This movie is very similar to 21. After someone gets caught counting cards and is blacklisted from all casinos, a mathematics professor recruits a group of students and trains them in the art of counting cards. He creates new identities for them and they start their exciting quest. Although this movie has a similar storyline as 21, it has managed to settle into its own space in casino cinema.


  1. Rain Man (1988)

This movie is not exactly based on blackjack, but it features one of the best scenes in blackjack cinematic history. After the death of his father, Charlie Babbitt finds out that he has an autistic brother with savant syndrome called Raymond. Their father’s $3 million fortune is being left in the mental institute where Raymond is a patient of. Motivated by the fortune, Charlie checks Raymond out of the institute and they go on a road trip, a road trip that changes both their lives.


  1. The Hangover (2009)

Just like Rain Man, The Hangover is not centred around blackjack. However, it features one of the most iconic blackjack scenes in cinematic history. In fact, the blackjack scene in The Hangover pays tribute to the one in Rain Man. Heralded as a tumultuous road trip comedy, the movie follows three friends who wake up after a bachelor party in Las Vegas. They cannot remember the events of the previous night and realise the groom is missing. They make their way around the city and try to find their friend in a sequence of hilarious events.


  1. Croupier (1998)

A struggling writer gets a job as a croupier and becomes involved in the most chaotic series of events. He set out determined to be nothing but an observer. However, he gets sucked into the casino world and breaks all the rules, which eventually takes a toll on his personal relationships and writing career.


  1. The Gambler (2014)

Jim Bennett, an English professor and a high-stakes gambler, eventually loses everything when he goes down the path of self-destruction. He has sunk into gambling debts, and he eventually borrows money from his mother and a loan shark who threatens to kill him if he does not pay off his debt. Jim further complicates his situation when he gets involved in a relationship with one of his students, Amy. After getting involved with the wrong people and getting death threats, Jim is given an ultimatum. Will he make the right choice and save his life?


  1. License to Kill (1989)

If there is one thing for sure, it’s impossible to create this list without giving a nod to the legend himself, James Bond. License to Kill makes the list as in this movie, Bond uses his skill at the blackjack table to take out a prominent drug lord. This movie features what is probably one of the most memorable blackjack scenes in history.

Movies about blackjack pull us into the intricate high-stake behind-the-scenes of this exciting game.