The Best British Films for Black Dating

With all the social challenges the world is facing, maintaining a healthy and fulfilling dating life is more important than ever before.

As social creatures, humans need connection and romantic engagement to be fulfilled.


Online Dating Is the First Step for Date Night

The first step to finding a partner to go on a date with is by signing up with a reputable online dating platform. Online dating allows you to meet like-minded singles in your area. These sites have tools that will make your dating adventures fun and easy. Once you find someone who you fancy, you should invite them on a date. On the first date, you could cook some dishes, open wine, but the romantic mood will bring you British movies. So users of  prepared a list of British films for an unforgettable black date night.


Playing Away (1986)

Directed by Trinidad-born Horace Ove, Playing Away is suitable for couples who are looking for a comic and political experience. The film follows the story of an inevitable culture clash between the residents of a small village in the town of Suffolk. The disagreement begins when the villagers invite a West Indian cricket team for a competition. The visitors encounter a shocking experience when they realize that the rich hosts have strange behaviors.

However, this does not deter them from showing their heroism in sportsmanship. They maintain a good game despite the crude behavior of their hosts. After the match is over, the village introduces a band to perform Caribbean melodies as entertainment for their visitors. Share a laugh with your partner while overcoming stereotypes and witty wisecracks with this humorous TV comedy.


Bullet Boy (2004)

Endure the suspense of this TV drama as it explores how the actions of an individual can affect their neighborhood and family members. Bullet Boy focuses on one of the most volatile neighborhoods in East London. The only thing that reigns in the neighborhood is rivalry, hatred, and pride among the residents. Bullet boy comes across two street boys who are fresh out of prison. Ricky and his 12-year-old brother Curtis struggle to fit into that town life. Bullet boy decides to look after them by showing them the way of life. The moral of this movie is important to a young couple because it shows them the importance of support in a relationship.


Belle (2013)

Feel empowered with your sweetheart as you watch the story of a mixed-race black woman triumph over racial injustice to claim the life she desires. Written by Misan Sagay, Belle is inspired by a painting that starts was executed in 1779. It starts with the reunion of an elderly man and his biological daughter, which doesn’t last long. Tom Wilkinson and Emily Watson then adopt Belle, and she became their favorite child. She no longer feels disowned and even feels like she does not have to marry someone she hates.


Chewing Gum

Based on the 2012 play Chewing Gum Dreams, this TV series allows you to follow the life of a woman who owns the journey of self-discovery while redefining the beliefs and expectations she held for long. You can enjoy this film with your partner on your first date and see why many people consider it as one of the best series on Netflix.

Written by Michaela Coel, the movie tells the story of a 24-year old virgin who wants to have sex and explore the world. Coel experiences a lot of setbacks in her expedition to travel the world but manages to overcome them. The film encourages people to have confidence in what they believe. Everything good takes time, and every hard situation will always have a good ending.


You can enjoy one of these British films with your partner on your first date. You are the character of your own story.  The storytelling of a good movie or TV series can provide the perfect inspiration.