The best casino-themed series rated

The subject of gambling is inexhaustible.

Hollywood has made hundreds of box-office movies about casinos and the lives of gamblers. But it turns out that the gambling can make the entire series. And many of them are successful projects. After all, gambling creates a special atmosphere and surroundings on the set. Under such topics is easy to tie the storyline about gangsters, stockbrokers, businessmen.


The Sopranos

Can you imagine the life of a Mafia boss without gambling? The highly acclaimed 6-season series perfectly captures the complexities of the Godfather’s existence in the modern world. Tony Soprano is remarkably resilient in his Mafia dealings, but is completely unable to cope with everyday life and family difficulties. The clan leader is forced to visit a psychiatrist and relieve stress in gambling establishments. Many episodes of “The Sopranos Clan” are filmed in the walls of the casino, and the fateful dialogues of the characters – at the card tables.


Las Vegas

The five seasons of this American TV series follow the life of Ed Delaine. He is the head supervisor at the famous Las Vegas casino. Ed leads a team of experts who are required to monitor the offenses in the territory of the gambling establishment “Montessito”. They have to catch cheaters, as well as cheaters who try to scam the casino’s regular customers for money. How the casino works from the inside and what problems can await there players – perfectly demonstrates the thematic series “Las Vegas”.


Underground Empire

A historical drama series for 5 seasons. The main plot of all events – the city of Atlantic City. It is the forerunner of Las Vegas, which was once considered a major American city of lawlessness. Here gambling halls, whorehouses and, of course, legendary whisky pubs were opened at every step. The series tells the story of a whole historical era. It is 1920, when Americans began to live by the rules of “Prohibition”. Many began to clandestinely produce alcohol and distribute it in casinos and bars. “Underground Empire” is a fascinating historical series about the life of gangsters and the gambling world of America.



Life in modern New York City is unthinkable without huge sums of money and dishonest business practices. Numerous corrupt schemes create more and more pretenders for litigation. The series is built around the confrontation between two protagonists – a fundamentally private prosecutor and a Wall Street financier, for whom money has become the main goal in life. He is constantly involved in shady money laundering schemes and has the lion’s share of the capital in casinos and underground entertainment. What does life in a modern gambling house look like from the inside? The series reveals all the secret schemes of casinos and illegal New York.


Gold Country

A story of ambition, friendship, values and love. As a student, the series’ protagonist gathers a team of loyal friends. Together, they set up a casino. It must become a luxury gambling establishment, which is not inferior to the casino in Las Vegas. The boys’ dream is a popular and successful establishment that will bring them fame, money and open the world to an elitist society. But in practice, this dream has turned out to be almost impossible to achieve. The main character will have to experience all the “charms” of the gambling business, which will alternate with betrayal and deceit of his inner circle.



A comedy series for young people in the UK, which was released in 3 seasons. The main characters are a pair of inseparable friends. Winnie and Dylan have known each other since they were kids. They’re always together and they have problems in their lives together. And that’s constant moneylessness, gambling debts and nightclubs. How will the characters come out of difficult financial situations and will they give up the gambling life? The series is interesting for young audiences because of the slang, the peculiarities of the characters’ thinking and the many struggles in life.



An excellent American series about male courage and honour. The main character works as a police officer. For several years he had to be an undercover agent and infiltrate gangsters. Together with the mafia Walker makes raids on banks, hangs out in casinos, controls the illegal world of underground gambling. Determined to return to a quiet life, Walker leaves for his hometown in the backwoods of Texas. Here he works as a sheriff with the confidence that his life is getting better. But unfinished business finds him here as well. Along with his new partner, Walker goes out to fight criminals.


Plunder the Loot

A modern take on the Robin Hood story. Nate and Hardison are an odd couple who want to get justice for ordinary people. He’s a former investigator. She is a former thief. Together they set out to defraud entire corporations, other crooks who take money from ordinary citizens. Nate and Hardison will have to fight casinos, dishonest insurance companies and numerous cyber scammers. A very atmospheric series about gambling, financial ridicule and modern computer technology.