The best TV shows and series about casinos that are worth watching

Many people see gambling entertainment as a way to spend their free time in an exciting way.

According to, a lot of new safe online casinos have recently appeared on the market, so fans of slots and table games are happy to watch TV shows and movies on the topic of gambling.

  1. Peaky Blinders

This popular TV show about gambling instantly won the hearts of viewers. Today, it is one of the most popular shows in the UK. Six seasons are available on Netflix for anyone who has yet to enjoy this series.

The Shelby family are the main characters of this television show. The story combines sports betting, crime, and the desire to create a family empire. Thomas Shelby, the head of the family, takes every opportunity to expand his holdings and, as a result, wreaks havoc throughout the neighborhood.

  1. The Big Deal

It is a wonderful British series that continues to win the hearts of viewers. It tells the story of Ray Brooks, a small-time gambler from London whose passion for poker has become a real problem. The story shows how gambling addiction affects not only Ray but also his family. Despite its comedic approach, “Big Deal” raises serious issues. The series’ three seasons are available on YouTube and attract viewers with its balance between comedy and drama.

  1. The Gambling Man

In land-based casinos, poker remains a favorite game of many players. However, its popularity is not limited to these establishments. Recently, a thrilling three-part television series based on the novel by Katherine Cook, which saw the light of day in 1975, was released. This movie was created by Ray Marshall. The plot of the novel tells the story of Rory Connor, embodied in the skillful play of actor Robson Green. , He is a passionate poker player and rent collector who faces a grim fate.

Convinced that this game will be his salvation, Rory continues to participate in poker bouts where luck favors him. However, a road filled with lies and deceit could bring destruction to his life, jeopardizing everything he has achieved, including the dream of marrying the girl he loves.

  1. Late Night Poker

In 1999, a fantastic television show called “Late Night Poker” debuted. This unusual no-limit Texas Hold’em tournament brought together some of the country’s most famous players on one table. The winners of the qualifying stages would return to compete in the following tournaments, leading up to an epic final where a true champion would be determined.

  1. The Hustle

This is an interesting TV show that combines gambling and casinos. The participants are people who have committed some crime or harmed other people. They are interested not only in private individuals but also in large companies.

The gambling industry is actively developing now; you can not only play gambling yourself but also watch the development of different stories in series and TV shows.