The most interesting British movies about casinos

Gambling – is a very fascinating sphere that attracts players from all around the world.

It’s a perfect hobby that can help you to get rid of the stress that you’ve gained during the tough week. It’s a type of entertainment that doesn’t require any physical effort and allows you to play whenever you are in the right mood. It’s a type of game, that can be really profitable to you. Playing on the right gambling platform, you can use free no deposit bonus codes to collect extra bonuses such as free spins, or additional money on your deposit.

But most importantly – gambling has its own special atmosphere, that can charm anyone. Those bright and colorful slot machines, intrigue dealers with cards in their hands, rich people that come to the casino to spend all their money, and pure people that win and become millionaires.

It’s a huge inspiration to all artists because the atmosphere of the casino is truly unique and remarkable. Writers dedicate their books to gambling, fantasizing about different stories, and movie directors are creating their own art. In this article, you can find out what are the best movies about casinos, and perhaps, one of the mentioned films will be interesting to you. So if you’re dreaming to immerse into the atmosphere of gambling – you’re in the right place.


Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

This movie will surprise you from the beginning, at least because the cast here is truly marvelous. You can see on the screen very popular Hollywood actors such as Nick Moran, Dexter Fletcher, Jason Statham, and Jason Flemyng. Moreover, the director of this film is Guy Ritchie, so you can be sure that this story won’t disappoint you. Just because most parts of the movies created by Ritchie is truly legendary.

Watching this story on the screen, you will perfectly feel the vibe of hot gangster guys, a cruel gambling world (especially when it comes to debts), guns and blood, and of course – charming girls and passionate sex. This story starts in London, when four games after spending a night in the casino, realize, that they’ve spent all money they had, and now they owe a huge quantity of money to the casino. They understand, that there is no way to legally earn this money, especially very quickly.

That’s why they made a risky decision: altogether they wanted to go after a group of amateur drug dealers and steal their loot so that they can have enough money to pay their debts. Sounds insane, right?

Trying to realize their plan, they’ve met a lot of different people with their own interesting background, got into many fights, understood the power of friendship, and fully rethought their lives.


Snatch (2000)

Another masterpiece created by Guy Ritchie! As we can clearly see, the gambling topic seems to be truly inspiring to this genius, as much as guns and blood. And obviously, this famous movie director doesn’t work with unknown people, so his actor cast is truly amazing. Benicia del Toro, Brad Pitt, and Jason Statham made their work perfectly, so it’s not a surprise that Snatch became one of the best Hollywood movies about gambling.

Watching this movie, you can sight the story of a gangster group, that got serious problems with the local casino. This movie is filled with marvelous fight scenes, triumphant dialogs, charming actors, and of course – a thrilling plot. Till the end of the film, you’ll be worried about each character, moreover, the ending of the movie will be truly unexpected to you.


Revolver (2005)

It’s the third movie at the top, where took a part of amazing Jason Statham. The roles of bad guys are truly suitable for him, and no one from Hollywood will be more presentable in this role as he is. The director of this film is not as famous as Guy Ritchie, and in general, this movie didn’t become as popular as previous ones. But many positive reviews from movie critics, high rates on different platforms can clearly assure you that it has to be watched.

The main hero, who plays Jason Statham, is an experienced gambler, who’ve spent the most part of his life in casinos. He just got back from prison, after spending here 7 years for a crime he didn’t commit, and now he wants to come back to normal life and start everything from the beginning.

He invites his opponent Dorothy Macha to take a part in the private casino game. But will he return all skills that he had in his old life?


Casino Royale (2006)

It’s one of the movies from the James Bond series, and you certainly can’t miss it. Well-known in whole world spy gets another request and fighting of justice. His new target – a notorious weapons dealer, and he need to win him over in a professional poker game.

Watch this movie to see how James Bond is going to deal with his new problem, feel the vibe of rich guys, money, guns, and bloody fights.

Movies about gambling – is a whole universe, that can introduce you to many different stories with their own unique charm. You will laugh, cry, worry, and rage, watching what is happening on the screen.