The Most Spectacular British Movies

British movies make your heart beat faster. With wonderful soundtracks, unforgettable plots, and amazing casts, they get even more thrilling than the most versatile games at Woo Casino.

Never watch UK movies? Then start with these ones.


Easy Virtue

A young Englishman John meets a beautiful and uninhibited American Larita in the United States in this 2008 movie. Mutually inflamed feelings lead to a speedy wedding, after which John takes his young wife with him to misty Albion. Brought up in a prim and reserved family, John could not resist the spontaneity and sexuality of the American woman. John’s mother had a very different impression. Her mood was immediately ruined after it became clear that Larissa was from America.

Veronica from the first second of acquaintance hates her daughter-in-law because of her “lecherous” and unacceptable behavior. Meanwhile, the head of the family is ironic about everything that happens, constantly making caustic jokes. Soon, despite the unspoken objection of most of the household against the American visitor, Larita becomes a breath of fresh air in the mossy abode of boredom and despondency.


The Boat That Rocked

Those who work at radio stations are risky people. Especially when there is an opportunity not to filter what you put on the air. And a team of rock music fans in the radio room of a rusty trawler in the middle of the English Channel in the mid-sixties has that option, so get ready for a juicy and intense comedy. Acclaimed director Richard Curtis, came up with a story about rebels who like sex, drugs, and rock and roll and don’t like the current state of affairs on the radio airwaves.

So they loaded up on a ship and sailed lightly out to sea to delight radio listeners from neutral waters and fray the nerves of officials who are frantically scrambling to find a legal way to siege the insolent. But while the men in ties are looking for loopholes in the law, the pirate radio station burns in all the receivers of a country stunned by such a feast.


The Iron Lady

This biographical movie tells the story of Margaret Thatcher’s last years of life, when the controversial former prime minister suffered from senile dementia. Thatcher spends her old age in an estate, where she tries to find something to do. She hardly ever leaves the house, occasionally visiting the grocery store or taking a stroll on the terrace.

She is disturbed by constant visions and dreams of people with whom she can easily start a conversation. But, most importantly, the woman is haunted by the memories of her youth and her former exploits. Following the flow of the heroine’s thoughts, the action takes her back to her pre-marital youth.