Top 10 Movies about Poker

Most producers love including poker in their movies to enhance the dramatic effects.

When properly integrated, poker movies do much more than showcasing the famous title accurately. A good poker movie makes it easier for viewers to understand the game’s culture and how it affects those who love playing it.

There are hundreds of movies out there that highlight the lives of poker players and the game. However, we are going to talk about ten poker movies in our article. As you are going to see, all these poker movies are interesting to watch. You’ll get to learn more about the game and from the legends. Let’s get started!


1.      Molly’s Game: Life Can Knock You Down If You Let It

Molly is an aspiring Olympic player who gets an accident that leaves her dreams crushed forever. Alone with a lack of direction in life, she realizes that she can earn a living by playing poker and organizing high stakes. The movie is all about the process of rebuilding oneself even when everything around seems to be falling apart. Throughout the movie, Molly goes through both highs and lows but never stays down for a long time.


2.      The Grand: What the hell were the boom years?

At the height of the Poker Boom, a documentary producer follows several poker legends as they enter different poker tournaments. This movie might look bizarre. But it’s one of the best on this list because it features free spins no deposit required for UK players and other amazing offers . It perfectly reflects the poker boom time which was also the most ridiculous time in the history of poker. The movie does not look artificial or exaggerated in any way.


3.      Mississippi Grind: The EV of Toxic People

The unlucky poker player, Gerry, meets a professional gambler, Curtis. The two quickly become friends. During the journey, professional gambler showcases himself as a poor investment.

However, Curtis makes him stay because he’s become his friend. The movie is all about relationships and its link to EV (Expected Value). Curtis is a lonely traveler. However, he ignores his instincts and keeps Gerry around. He knows Gerry is the cause of his losses. But he won’t let him go because he needs company.


4.      Poker King: It’s Good

A young child who is also an avid poker player will lose his entire inheritance if he fails to prove that he’s mature to manage his father’s organization. This movie is set in Hong Kong. The child loves poker so much that viewers tend to experience the love and passion rubbing on them. You are going to enjoy how the movie has been executed.


5.      Smart Money: The Poker Dream Lives

Nick is the best poker player in the area. Therefore, he goes to participate in a big game in the city only to get cleaned by shady players. Not feeling down, he bounces back by winning several matches and builds $400k over time. He uses his winnings to build several underground casinos where exceptional players and beginners have a fair chance of winning. Everything goes well until the attorney stops tolerating him.


6.      Finder’s Fee: All about Poker

A group of friends participates in a weekly home game where they buy tickets and the winner gets to keep them all. It stops being fascinating when one of them finds a won ticket in a lost wallet and the real owner comes in just before the game starts.


7.      Cincinnati Kid

The famous poker player known as “The Kid” goes ahead to challenge another player called “The Man” to take over his title. You’ll be surprised by how this interesting movie ends. This movie depicts the life of a poker player.


8.      California Split

Bill hates his job but loves playing poker. He meets Charlie in a card room while playing and chooses Charlie’s way of life. Together, they embrace the professional gambler’s life. Poker life looks crazy. However, it’s lots of fun. Can you handle this way of life?


9.      Luna’s Game

Luna is following the footsteps of her father as a professional poker player. Her father was murdered for failing to pay his loans. And she’s following her footsteps too. Poker took everything away from her. But she still needs it. Poker is in her.


10. Rounders

Rounders is one of the best poker movies. While other movies try so hard to get your approval with casino bonus spins offers, Rounders doesn’t. Mike, a famous poker player, wants to be the best because not being the best makes him a loser. Rounders connects with poker players simply and easily.



It’s not surprising that you can find a lot of poker movies in the market today. There are poker movies that have been executed in a great way while others in a terrible way. Although a movie like Rounders is one of the best poker films of all time, you’ll be fascinated by the rest that we’ve discussed on this list.

You can also find movies featuring other great games such as Texas Hold’em and 5 card draw to name a few. There’s nothing that an avid poker enjoys more than the excitement and drama of poker movies. We hope you’ll find the time to watch all these great movies.


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