Top 10 Movies and Series About Life in the Office

The off-duty mode is over, but not everyone is back in the office.

Some are still working remotely. We can only remember how soft the office chair was and how loud the colleagues were. Some students still fall asleep in class and dream of getting paper help with their homework. If you, too, miss the energy of business centers, business meetings and talking at the water cooler, watch the movies in our selection. In them, people can still drive to work every day, shake hands and burn out on their projects.


The Big Short

2015 (directed by Adam McKay), IMDb 7.8

“Watch to feel the smartest and be on the side of those who know a crisis is inevitable.”

Long before 2008, a few people realized that an economic crisis was inevitable. Then they decided to bet low, actually playing against the American economy, and got a chance to make money while millions of Americans were losing all their money. The film is based on the book by Michael Lewis, and that one is based on real events. The main advantages of the picture are the brilliant cast (Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt) and the funny movie inserts that clearly explain financial instruments and laws.


Thank You for Smoking

2005 (directed by Jason Reitman), IMDb 7.6

“Watch to realize the power of rhetoric.”

The main character is a lobbyist and his job is to promote smoking. He’s good at what he does and can talk anyone down, which is why he took on this difficult job. Should moral standards stop him on this path? Or is he doing nothing wrong, and whether or not to smoke is an individual’s choice? These are the questions the film provokes, and you can look for answers to them, or you can just learn how to win arguments.


The Intern

2015 (directed by Nancy Myers), IMDb 7.1

“Watch to giggle at fancy startups.”

Comedy from the director of “Exchange Vacation.” A 70-year-old widower (Robert De Niro) decides he’s not ready for a quiet retirement and takes a job as an intern at a startup. His boss becomes the charismatic founder of the company, who tries to keep a work-life balance (Anne Hathaway). This is a film about friendship between very different people and how it helps in life and work.


Glengarry Glen Ross

1992 (directed by James Foley), IMDb 7.7

“Watch to immerse yourself in the drama that competition creates.”

Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you’ve probably heard of Alec Baldwin’s legendary speech in which he teaches how to close deals. In the movie, it plays the role of a tie-in – after that, the salespeople at the land sales firm have to engage in some stiff competition. Any one of them is willing to commit a crime to win, but who exactly dares? This chamber drama shows what people do for money, and it’s played out by great actors, including Al Pacino.



(2016-present), IMDb 8.4.

“Watch to understand the workings of hedge funds and imagine yourself as a billionaire.”

The main character is a billionaire and the head of a hedge fund. In his field, business is always conducted on the edge of the law. When a case is brought against him, he confronts the district attorney. This is a series about the laws of power and money, full of intrigue and sharp plot twists.



(2016-present), IMDb 8.4

“Watch to see why you shouldn’t do business with relatives.”

A dramedy about the aging head of a giant entertainment corporation and his children who begin to struggle for power within the company. The series shows how often business decisions, on which millions of dollars can be lost or made, are based on stale resentments and a desire to prove something to those around them.


The Office

(2005-2013), IMDb 8.9.

“Watch for a laugh after a hard day at work.”

Great series about the everyday life of a small branch of a paper company. Gifs and quotes from the show have long been circulating around the internet, but they don’t compare to the episodes themselves. Over nine seasons, the writers have managed to recreate every ridiculous situation that can happen in a company, and the characters have become practically colleagues to viewers. A couple of episodes of “The Office” will likely cheer you up, and Steve Carell‘s character will help you realize that your boss isn’t such a tyrant.


Parks and Recreation

(2009-2015), IMDb 8.6.

“Watch to learn how to stand up for your values.”

The main character in this sitcom is determined idealist Leslie Knope, who works for the Parks and Recreation Department. After realizing that she is not doing any good for society, she decides to develop a park on the site of an abandoned pit. She won’t be stopped by bureaucracy, her colleagues’ lack of enthusiasm, or the development firms.


Silicon Valley

(2014-2019), IMDb 8.5

“Watch to understand the cost of creating IT startups.”

Comedy about a group of IT guys trying to launch a startup. Their technology could change the world and give them wealth, but can they handle the pressure? “Silicon Valley” will explore why not all dreams are destined to come true and how to work effectively from home.


Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet

(2020-present), IMDb 7.5.

“Watch to see if you really want to work in the game industry.”

A new series about the everyday life of a game company. At its head is a talented and egocentric creative director, who turns the game into a masterpiece, and the lives of his subordinates into hell. This funny show shows the pros and cons of working together with gifted, but very unlike you people.