Top 12 Casino Movies & TV Shows – Best Gambling Films & Programmes

Pinpointing a precise moment when the world changes is never easy, even in retrospect.

Yet it is possible to say with confidence, that the world has changed dramatically by different events taking place. Gambling widespread comes hope of the world as from expectation of economic gain.              

       Movies have a way of influencing public opinion as they are an important part of our culture. Watching a gambling film is a great way to learn a bit about one’s favourite casino game, either being Craps, Baccarat, Roulette or Poker. 

Casino and lifestyle movies have been known to be quintessential for the industry in the early days of cinematography. When talking about the best gambling films and casino movies ever made, it would be great to highlight some of the interesting gambling films ever made.


  • 21 (2008):

      The Film 21 is based on a story told by Ben Mezrich in one of his books named “Bringing Down the House”. It has stood so far the test of time and is a film gambling fans are drawn towards. It is about a group of M.I.T college students which include Kevin Spacey alongside Jim Sturgess, Lawrence Fishburne and Kate Borworth. It relates the true story of a team of Blackjack players who pulled together to form a crack team of Blackjack ninjas; under the guidance of their inspirational tutor  which were ready to relieve the casino in Vegas of their money.

      The film talks about a talented mathematics student, Ben Campbell, who wants to move on to study medicine, but the fee for his entry is more than he can afford to pay. The scholarship place that covers the fees is highly competitive which he feels he might not be able to win the scholarship. His Mathematics professor at M.I.T gave him a challenge and later discovered the talent which he possesses from number through this. The professor then invited Campbell to join his Blackjack team which Campbell initially refused to join. After a long conviction, he decided to take part. With time he lost over $200,000 and had a deep thought on how he could get the money back which he finally succeeded.

      21 is a film that could be loved by anyone who enjoys gambling stories, or has been to university will enjoy the elements of this film.


  •      Rain Man (1988)

      Rain Man is a story about Raymond Babbitt, who suffered from autism, an elder brother to Charlie, a selfish car dealer. At the beginning of the film, Charlie receives an unsettling news as his father from which he was estranged has died, but bequeathed all of his multimillion dollar estate to the institution where Raymond, a brother he didn’t even know existed lived. Charlie needed an equal share of Raymond’s inheritance and hence he decided to take his brother to Las Vegas with the hope that he can use his brain to count cards at the Blackjack table which could eventually result in a great win. This film actually shows the grey zone between legal and illegal which many individuals with mental aptitudes are exploiting in the casino.

      The idea is that, no matter how talented you are, you shouldn’t attempt to cheat the system, because you will eventually upset some well-made individuals which are ready to do anything to prevent you from rigging the casino games.


  • Rounders (1998)

      Rounders is a story that talks about Mike Mc Dermott which was a regular law student that discovered his hidden talent for poker. After losing all his money to a Russian Gangster, Teddy KGB in a poker game. Mike realizes he can’t get back all the money and then decides to quit gambling and finish college. But this never lasted for long.

     Everything changed when his best friend, Worm was released from prison and found out he has a huge debt to pay to his enemies. Mike found himself excited by the casino world again in an attempt to help Worm the money he needed. This particular film can be classified as being educational as it shows how important one should be careful with best.


  • Mississippi Grind (2015)

      The film talks about a talented Texas Hold’ Em player Germy that met with Curtis at a poker game in Iowa. The both of them became friends in an instant and decided to take a trip down to the Mississippi River and try their luck in all major cities until they reached their final goal which was winning a high stake poker game at a casino in New Orleans.

      The movie is able to show the gamblers psychology as the characters were always aiming at the best. Of course Germy and Curtis eventually ended up winning big, but what was mysterious was their risky behaviour which makes Mississippi Grind a tragicomic casino movie.


  • Croupier (1998)

       This movie reveals the dark side of casinos and shows a different image of the cosmopolitan life of gambling that Hollywood has made known to us with.

     Jack Manfred, an aspiring writer decides to become a groupie for a huge casino. The experience he gathered from the casino lifestyle inspired him to write his novel, but later finds himself stuck in the world of Gambling, which he knew so little about and had the view that the world is a game of chance. The movie depicts how a novel person entering the gambling world can have a hard time to get out as it’s a nice idea for one to get  good online pokies for real money which cares about their customers well-being.


  • The Gambler (2014)

       The Gambler talks about Mark Wahlberg, an English Literature teacher who is in love with gambling and places high stakes. Eventually,  he owes $240,000 after losing a Blackjack game against some dangerous criminals.  From that point Mark has been looking for solutions to pay his debt and get out of trouble alive.  

      The movie reveals the downside of aggressive gambling and how addiction can ruin one’s life completely .


  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

    This interesting casino movie, a true story which is all about a journalist, Hunter Thompson and his lawyer’s multicolored road trip from LA to Vegas. Hunter is a sports writer and loves taking drugs, and sees the importance of covering a sport event at Sin City.

     They spent a huge amount of money on drugs while in LA, and herded to Vegas. Their plan was to relax and also be in search for the American dream. On their way to Vegas, they went along with hard drugs, and long before they arrived at their destination, they lost their senses due to the fact they were hallucinating. At their arrival at Vegas, they lodged in a hotel, and on waking up the next morning, they ended up in a room with law enforcement officials because of drug misuse.

      Living such a risky lifestyle isn’t the best option someone who finds interest in gambling should adopt, but the best option is to get good online pokies for real money as it’s the best solution in cases like this


  • Casino Royale (2006)

    This movie depicts what happens in the world of high stakes associated with class, risk and wealth. James Bond goes on a mission against Le Chiffre, a banker to the world’s terrorists and also a poker player from winning a high stake poker game of Texas Hold’Em at Le Casino Royale in Montenegro setup by Le Chiffre. The movie is filled with violence and tricks, it also depicts the world of laundering money through gambling.


  •  The Hangover (2009)

      The movie presents a story of three friends, Phil, Stu and Van, that traveled for a Bachelor’s party of Doug at Las Vegas. They woke up the next day with no memory of the previous night and realized that the bachelor is missing, there is a baby in the wardrobe, a tiger in the bedroom, and Stu had a missing tooth. They had to go in search of their friend round the city before his wedding. 

         The film depicts that anything can go wrong in a casino.


  • Casino (1995)

       The movie talks about Robert de Niro, an ex-gangster that works as a Manager for a great Casino in Las Vegas, and his Mafia enforcer. They were known to compete against each other over a gambling empire as they gathered a lot of power from cheating the system. This film talks about greed and deception between two best friends. 


  • Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

      Ocean’s Eleven talks about a professional thief, known as Danny Ocean and his Eleven member team in an attempt to rob three of the greatest casinos in Las Vegas, which were owned by Terry Benedict. He plans to rob the vault of the three casinos when it has up to $150million. The movie expresses enchantment and lucidity. 

    The films outlined above approach the topic of gambling in a unique way, showing the excitement that comes from it as well as the possible negative and positive consequences that it could lead to.