Top 4 Casino and Gambling Shows On Netflix To Binge Watch

Popcorns in the lap and binge-worthy content make a perfect combo that everyone wants to delve into on weekdays.

Netflix has become the go-to platform to make this little dream come true. This popular platform has become word of mouth since its launch and has earned a net worth of billion dollars within a matter of years.

The thrilling movies and suspenseful seasons have captivated people around the globe. Amongst the long list of genres available on this streaming behemoth, one particular niche manages to explore the glamor and excitement of the world of chance and stakes. 

You got it right!

The series depicting the world of gambling and casinos has made its way to the heart of a large audience. As the casino industry is riding the high horse today, these shows have paved the way to numerous screens within a few years. If you are curious about casinos and how things work, take a look at this to get a better understanding.

Coming back to our topic, Let’s discover the shows and movies where fortunes are made and bad luck darkens the frames and where stakes are always rolling high. 


Las Vegas

If you are familiar with the gambling world, you must know that Las Vegas is the heart of the casino industry. This place is home to the world’s most renowned casinos and, therefore, the reputation as the home of gambling. The Netflix gem with the name of this exotic state takes a deep dive into the casino realm. 

The documentary series reveals the world and behind-the-scenes workflow of the iconic Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino. The series revolves around the staff’s daily challenges and some regulars who visit the place frequently. 

One of the most captivating aspects of ‘Las Vegas’ is its transparency; it doesn’t hide the darker side of the casino industry and explores common issues like financial ruin, addiction, and the pressure of society that leads characters to resort to some risky decisions. 



Another thrilling Netflix show for those who love casino dramas with a touch of humor is Lilyhammer. It is an exciting blend of gambling, crime and comedy that follows a former criminal who enters the witness protection program, and is transferred to Lillehammer, Norway. 

As the protagonist feels excited and paves a path toward his new life, he gets caught up with the local criminal underworld that involves swooping into the casino world. 

Unlike other casino shows, LilyHammer takes a unique and fresh front on the casino genre. It injects a dose of fun and levity into the usually grave and tense atmosphere of high stakes. 


World Series of Poker

The expanse of Netflix shows is not limited to the world of fiction, but it extends its reach to the real world as well in the form of reality shows. Many variety and reality shows take the viewers on a thrilling ride of the professional gambling world. 

World series of poker streams the authentic look inside the fierce competition, strategic skills in cards and high stake gambling in action. This show holds high appeal among the gambling enthusiast audience and casual viewers alike. With this show, you can get ready to familiarize yourself with the exhilarating jackpots and devastating losses in the games.  



Another series that stands out from the hoard of movies and shows is none other than Ozark. This series follows the adventures of the Bryde family as they navigate the perilous world of criminal enterprises and money laundering. 

While Ozark is not particularly focused on the casino world, it dives deep into the complex web of financial dealings that have a lot of direct and indirect connections to the gambling industry. 

This series presents a true essence of suspense as it weaves the tension of criminal activities and the casinos together to create a compelling storyline to keep the viewers on edge by each second. 


The Bottom Line

Netflix covers almost every type of genre out there in the world of entertainment, and it is no surprise to see a list of casino series. The diverse range of genres keeps audiences of all kinds engaged. 

Whether you are drawn to casino-centric documentaries like ‘Las Vegas,’ a blend of criminal activities with a huge flow of money, or a true insight into the world of casinos, Netflix offers everything to suit your palette. So get your popcorn ready and cozy up to binge-watch your favorite series tonight!