Top 5 British Classic Movies To Write an Essay On

Writing essays for movies is important for students, critics, and fans alike, whether with classic British cinema, old-school Hollywood films, or even interesting foreign movies.

Even though this niche is seen as an entertainment medium for bored people, it can be much more than that, making writing about it that much more enticing while you look for dissertation writers for hire. While many of the great movies are based on books, this article will focus on original films that your essay should be about .


1) Lawrence of Arabia

Original UK release: 10 December 1962

This is a monumental British film that most critics consider one of the greatest of all time, which also includes cinema such as Citizen Kane (1941), Seven Samurai (1954), The Godfather (1972), and more. It’s based on Thomas Edward Lawrence’s life, who wrote about his time in the military while in the Middle East. Even so, many parts of this epic were highly fictionalized.

At 227 minutes, this movie is actually divided into two parts. The first is during Lawrence’s official role as an army officer during World War I, where he’s a kind of an educated misfit. The story goes through the various missions he’s tasked with, including the Arab Revolt between June 1916 to October 1918. The second part is based on his second tour in the military from 1923 to 1935, where he tries to help the Arabs take power over the Turks.


2) The Third Man

Original UK release: 1 September 1949

As another one of the greatest films of all time, this one is a post-war film noir in black and white. Taking place in Vienna, it depicts the starting Cold War that lasted through the second half of the 20th century. It goes through the eyes of American fiction author Holly Martins, who goes to the city for a friend’s job offer. However, once arriving, he learns that his friend is dead from a car crash, setting an ominous tone for the rest of the movie.

The story involves the main character discovering and investigating the situation and life of his friend. As with other film noirs, much of it is set in a mysterious tone with intense scenes and criminal underpinnings. Although this movie isn’t the first of its kind, it presents a much more mature and developed version that will even last a long time from now.


3) The Red Shoes

Original UK release: 6 September 1948

This feature film is a psychological drama and one that critics absolutely adore. It takes place in London and features the ballerina Victoria Page, where she has to choose between her career with Boris Lermontov or her romance with Julian Craster. The cast itself consists of established ballerinas and dancers, rather than just actors. In this way, it’s a reflection of that time period’s real world as well as being a fictionalized piece of work.


4) Trainspotting

Original UK release: 23 February 1996

One of the most modern films on this list is comedically dark, which stereotypically characterized much of modern British culture. Being so close to the end of the millennium, it’s a testament to its time. While parts of it are light-hearted, it goes through serious themes such as drug use and HIV. In some ways, it reflects the rave culture prevalent in the country during that time.


5) Gandhi

Original UK release: 3 December 1982

Although this movie isn’t as old as some others here, it’s still considered one of the best. It was actually co-created between the United Kingdom and Indian production companies, making for a historically factual piece of work. The film is significant because of its relevance to the historical British Empire and its relationship to India. While many people have different ideas about this global figure, this movie shows one of the most accurate depictions of his life.


Although these are some of the best in British cinema that you should consider making your essay about, there is so much more in this niche. For instance, there are a whole group of films based on plays, particularly those of Shakespeare. Some people actually make a whole career out of this area, if that’s something you’re interested in.