Top 5 famous actors who are fond of gambling

Fame, glamor, glamor, money in large quantities, and recognizability on TV screens…

From buying luxury cars, staying in Hard Rock Hotel and luxurious villas to going on exotic vacations – millions of fans want to be rich and glorious. Even when they hear what celebrities gambling habits are and there are many who are not afraid of big losses, they just dream of being in their place! At least just as they draw winning combinations or as they spin different types of roulette wheel!

From movie stars to athletes to artists, celebs from all areas of life love games of chance. Would you like to find out which stars like to test their gambling luck over and over again? Let’s meet them and discover interesting celebrity gambling stories!


Charlie Sheen

When it comes to vices as well as problematic behavior, it is simply impossible not to find Charlie Sheen‘s name on the list! So, it is quite logical that Charlie is one of the celebrities that love gambling! Namely, it has long been known that Sheen is a passionate gambler! The leading role in the comedy series “Two and a Half Men” is not only known for his sense of humor. He is also known for having a habit of spending large sums in luxury casinos! When it comes to online gaming, you can read the Caxino Casino review and discover the perfect place for a poker lover.

According to his ex-wife Denise Richards, Charlie only spent dizzying sums of money every week on sports betting. They were $20,000 each! Charlie knew how to deal with his cards too! However, sportsbooks were his favorite. He spent many big ones on this! At one point Charlie stated that he had left cards in the past. However, do you trust him?


Ray Romano

Ray Romano is an award-winning performer who appeared in the TV series “Men of a Certain Age”. Ray played a middle-aged guy who is addicted to cards and dice in the series! What an irony! What’s even more interesting is the fact that the character played by Ray was actually created because of real events!

The actor’s prone to gambling got so out of control that Romano had to seek help. Fortunately, this big name has learned to manage his habit. Ray still gambles and bets on sports today, but smarter. At this point, Romano seems to have learned the hard way what smart money management really means.


Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is an Oscar-winning actor, screenwriter, and director. He is also known as one of the biggest fans of online poker and blackjack even though reportedly went through a gambling addiction. Did you know that he claimed the California State Poker Championship in 2004? Blackjack is his favorite game because he was so good at winning hands that he was banned from playing in any Las Vegas establishment in 2014. Along with counting cards as the basic strategy in blackjack for him is a piece of cake, while he bypasses insurance in a wide arc!

In the last months of 2020, Ben hosted a lavish tournament that raised over 1.7 million dollars. The tournament brought together other famous gamblers who are fond of poker, including Adam Sandler, Tom Brady, Matt Damon… If he ever stops acting, he has a promising career as a professional punter.


Matt Damon

Popular Hollywood celebrity Matt Damon is often seen with his colleague Ben Affleck attending high-roll tables, which are held in luxury hotels including the Hollywood Park Casino Tournament. While preparing for his movie “Rounders”, in which he plays a shady punter, Matt visited numerous casinos and, as he himself admitted, allowed this vice to pull him a little, so “researching for the movie” he lost $ 250,000 on one occasion. Actually, this is one of the best casino movies that still reach high ratings at Rotten Tomatoes.

The moviemaker recalled with affection how Miramax gave him and Edward Norton $20,000 to participate in the World Series of Poker. By agreement with the organizers, the actors were allowed to play in the finals, although at that time Damon had no playing experience. According to him, he knew the rules and read several books on the topic of the game, including “Super System” – this was his only preparation.


Tobey Maguire

Known for his role as Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire is also a professional poker player. Toby learned his skills from Canadian professional player Daniel Negreanu, who has won The World Series six times. Toby is also more than a great Texas Hold’em punter and is believed to have won over $10 million in various tournaments. Toby’s addiction to alcohol and punting dates to his teenage years. At the age of 19, he even had to go to a rehabilitation center.

On the other hand, he was sued in 2011 for participating in an illegal chain of poker games that included millions of dollars. The court documents state that the tournaments were “exclusive events, available only to guests with invitations, which included celebrities, entrepreneurs, lawyers and businessmen”, and the “Spider-Man” star was described as a “very frequent participant”.



The list of names of famous people who enjoy their association with poker, roulette, blackjack, and even sports betting is long and quite extensive. Famous gambling characters had the privilege to try their luck without fear that after a big loss they would stay on the street… Whether that is the reason why they keep coming back to the game, or maybe it is a factor of excitement, we cannot say for sure. What we do know is that each of them excelled at the casino at some point, in one way or another. And you can try your luck betting online at one of the UK’s best betting sites.

Along with Pamela Anderson and all those starring in movies we mentioned here, you can also see Charles Barkley, a former basketball player spending his time in Vegas playing casino games for cash. Floyd Mayweather is another big name in this niche, and it seems the list is inexhaustible.