Top 5 Highly-Rated British TV Shows about Gambling

Unknown to many, Brits, like Americans, are fond of pastime activities like betting.

Statistically, more Brits are embracing gambling, especially in the wake of technological advancement that brought online casinos. And they are equally thrilled with the gambling-themed screenplays. However, unlike American movies and series, British ones aren’t wildly popular. Nevertheless, there are highly-rated gems that you can binge-watch to learn about gambling and pick a lesson or two from them. The top five ones include:

Peaky Blinders

This hit British television program is fictional, although the story is about a gang that existed in the Midlands around the 1800s to 1910s. Created by Steven Knight, this TV show depicts how opportunistic gangs took advantage of the then-booming racing and gambling industry to extort bookies and punters. In the process, they expanded their territory. It took the intervention of the authorities to control the mayhem that came with their campaign.

Catherine Cook: The Gambling Man

Adopted from Catherine Cook’s novel, the Gambling Man, this periodic drama is another highly-rated British series you should watch. The show is based on a rent collector who feels trapped by the slums of South Shields and tries to find a way out of his situation. He later uses his talent for playing cards, but his luck goes both ways. Although he eventually succeeded, bought a boatyard, and married the girl of his dreams, he built his life on lies that threatened his success.


Hustle is another British gambling-themed television show you should try if you have yet to. Starring Robert Glenister and Adrian Lester, this show depicts a group of con artists who are also fond of betting and cheating at card games. The con artists use their cunning ways to find a way to defraud wealthy and dangerous individuals, which will leave you enjoying the entire series of the show.


Also known as Mystery of Lord Lucan, this periodic mini-series is about an infamous aristocrat plagued by gambling addiction. The series, based on a true story, tells the story of John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan, once a wealthy member of a high-end gambling society who found himself buried in debt. Investigators believe that he was tipped over the edge by debt fury after losing close to £50,000, leading to him murdering a nanny. With a lot of speculation on what exactly happened, you will find this show exciting, and it will open your eyes to the dark world of uncontrolled gambling.

Big Deal

Last is the Big Deal, a comedy-drama about a small-time London gambler, Robby Box, and the anguish he causes his family. Although it aired decades ago, this series is a masterpiece regarding the gambling theme. It will show you how compulsive gambling can be detrimental to you and your family, which is a vital lesson if you want to venture into the industry.

Pastime activities like betting have been popular in the UK for as long as the industry boomed. Many TV shows have aired on the theme, and like the American ones, they are equally thrilled with captivating storylines. It’d be best to watch the ones on this list if you have yet to. You will not only enjoy but also pick some lessons that can be useful in your gambling endeavors.