Top 5 sports drama films

Sports drama is one genre that most teenagers and youth are interested in these days.

Sports drama films have everything from drama to emotions, heart-pounding moments, and the very memorable emotional moments. A sports film is one that makes the audience sit until the very end of the game.

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Coming back to movies, we have listed some sports drama films which were and are loved by many. Let’s start exploring about them.


The English Game

This series on Netflix revolves around the modern football game. The characters portray beautifully how the game intimately affects their life in good and bad ways. The game involves revealing the personality of the players by how they play the game.

As the series develops itself you kind of start choosing your favorite team and then your favorite player. This series surely holds the spectator and is an ideal binge-watch. The series also combines history with modernity in the best sense.



This was a highly acclaimed sports movie. It is a spin-off of the Rocky series and is everything that a boxing fan wants to see. The highs and lows in the boxing ring are put out so well that it makes the audiences a part of the movie. And the best part is, in sync with the game they also portray the emotion of the players and their masters.

Initially, it’s the students who need the teacher but there comes a point when the student becomes the teacher. This is also beautifully portrayed in the movie. So, Creed is a must watch film for sports lovers!


The Blind Side

This movie is based on football. The best part about this film is how football helps a person evolve. Basically, a person wanders, and settles only when he is completely happy. The film teaches about the highs and lows of life along with football.

The movie stars amazing actors like Quinton Aaron, Sandra Bullock, etc. All the actors have done complete justice to the film. From being an orphan to a successful football player, the journey is just mind-blowing.



Based on the British colonial era, this Bollywood movie is a treat for cricketers. How a simple game of cricket made an entire village free from the taxes of burden, is a must watch. How amateurs learn the game and strive for independence through the game of cricket defines the best direction.

You will relate the characters with those of a typical Indian village. Everyone has given their best. This movie shows how little things matter and how if you decide something and give your best, there is not a single chance that may cause your failure.



This is the autobiography of the famous racer Jesse Owens. It is a treat to the eyes to see the life of this athlete come to life on the screens. The actors have done an amazing job. Despite facing racism and struggling to support his family, this guy crosses every milestone to become the most powerful racer.

Working and practicing day and night, he never loses focus. When he gives his entire efforts, he wins a record-breaking 4 gold medal in the Berlin Olympics, 1963. So, it is a true story of struggle and success.


Sports movies are a little hard to make as people’s sentiments are to be kept in mind. Nonetheless, these movies prove to be a complete entertainment for the audience. The players’ and the game’s high and lows are better explained in these movies.

After watching a sports drama movie, the audience relates even better to their favorite sports game. The sports drama movies have everything to offer.

So, grab your favorite popcorn, and start binge-watching your favorite sports drama movies. We recommend you to start from the list above, and we know you won’t be able to stop at one.