Top British TV Shows: Three of The Most Famous Genres You Should Watch

Britons can view any film or TV show they like since technology allows it.

However, Britons value watching locally-made content. People everywhere prefer watching some movie genres more. It is the same case in Britain. Some British movies and TV shows genres have more viewers throughout the year. We will discuss three such genres in this piece. Keep it here to discover these.

Best British TV Shows on Gambling

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Peaky Blinders 

Peaky Blinders is an ever-trending TV show based on a fictional story. The show is about an ancient gang that lived in Midlands from around 1800 to 1910. It demonstrates how this gang took over the gambling and racing industries and extorted the participants. Peaky Blinders also reveals how the authorities became the last hope in the fight against the unstoppable gang.

The Gambling Man

Many Britons love to watch The Gambling Man TV episodes. The series covers the events of the Catherine Cook novel. The main character is a male who works as a rent collector. He is stuck in the South Shields slums and does not know how to escape the situation. Then, he decides to exploit his skill of playing cards and eventually gets lucky. After that, he purchases a boatyard, meets a beautiful girl, and marries her without ever telling her the truth. 


Hustle is a gambling-themed TV show available to Britons. It features Robert Glenister and Adrian Lester as the starring characters. Hustle revolves around a group of fake artists who love card games. The cunning con artists use their criminal minds to deceive the rich but dangerous people.

Top Three Detective Genre British Films 

Most Britons know the likes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. Although they are the main influences on the British filming industry, they are other legends worth mentioning. Check the table below for the most popular detective British TV shows:

TV show Name TV Running from
Endeavour ITV 2013 to 2023
Shetland BBC 2013 till today
Waking the Dead BBC 2000 to 2011
Silent Witness BBC 1996 to now
Vera ITV 2011 to now

You will find them in the best detective genre movies and shows.


Endeavor is an excellent detective show that has run from 2013 to 2023. Featuring the best scripts and performances, Endeavor takes our minds back to the 1960s and 1970s. Its events unfold in Oxford and its neighborhoods. The film follows Endeavour Morse and DI Fred Thursday, two detectives who uncover tragic murders around Oxford.


Another TV series that has been on BBC TV from 2013 until now is Shetland. As its name suggests, the show is on Shetland, a remote island in Scotland. Shetland is about a team of detectives, including Jimmy Perez (played by Douglas Henshall) as the leader. The team’s work is to probe many murder and crime cases across Shetland. Surprisingly, they must investigate everyone, including friends.

Waking the Dead

The Waking the Dead TV show aired between 2000 and 2011. You could still watch it on BBC iPlayer in the UK if you missed it. Waking the Dead entails a group of detectives, forensic professionals, and psychologists. They must uncover many cold murders in London and use modern technology to conclude unresolved crimes.

Top British TV Comedies

Some of us watch comedies to unwind after a long day of work. The top three British comedies you can watch just for fun include: 

Derry Girls

Derry Girls is a fascinating comedy series for Britons. It demonstrates the experiences of friends who lived in Northern Ireland in the 1990s. The hysterical comedy will show the lives of these friends from teenage to young adult years. Derry Girls reveals some historical moments you need to know while making you laugh. 


The Ghosts is a British comedy covering the story of a couple who inherits a haunted property. The show takes you through the experiences of the two lovebirds as they encounter the ghosts of the former owners. This comedy is a good start if you love fictional stories about ghosts. 

Inside No. 9

If you dislike films covering the same venue or story, here is a TV drama show that does not. Inside No.9 is a series of shows in separate places. Each series has a unique story, making Inside No.9 the best dark comedy series to watch at home.

As you can see, British TV has many shows for your entertainment and laughter. You can watch our top three and continue with others in the list above.