Top movies with the weirdest disease outbreaks in movie history

Some horror movies will make you want to play your games at online casinos and not even go to land casinos.

We all love the thrill that comes with watching horror movies, however, some will leave you worrying that maybe it could actually happen.

Here are some horror movies that will definitely leave you in a state of paranoia. But, you can still just try them out and get that horror movie thrill.


I Am Legend

Well, this movie made us love Will Smith even more. Unlike Bad Boys, this time around Will Smith does not have Martin Lawrence to help him fight evil.

Being one of the few survivors of a zombie apocalypse, Smith has to fight and try to look for a cure that can help bring back humanity.

The movie will definitely leave you wondering what you will do if that were to happen to the real world at some point in time. There’s even real money casino games based on the movie.


Bird Box

Imagine if people were to get a disease that will make them want to kill themselves.  A world whereby if you see some form of monster that will make you suicidal.

Sandra Bullock gives a sterling performance in this movie. After a highly contagious disease breaks out, the whole world becomes suicidal.

For you not to die you had to become voluntarily blind. Meaning, you can see but you have to keep your eyes closed and try to find a way to survive.

This movie will definitely leave you happy with playing us online casino games rather than having to go outside.


Cabin Fever

This movie shows you terrible ways in which a simple and innocent vacation can just go wrong. The movie stars Jordan Ladd and Rider Strong.

A group of college friends rent a cabin in the woods. Afterward, they fall victim to a flesh-eating disease that could kill them. They now have to fight for survival from the woods locals and the disease itself.