UK TV series are taking off in India

Different TV series are becoming more and more popular each day in India.

This is in term due to Netflix strengthening its grip on the Indian market via increasing the number of TV series present on its platform.

This has caused a boom in India, especially for UK based TV series. This ranges from different investigative episodes of Sherlock to one of the most popular TV shows – mob-like stories of Peaky Blinders. Can’t say anything bad about the tastes. These shows are top of the line production with one of the best stories one may find on the whole platform.

Peaky Blinders

Most probably a lot of Indians relate to the type of living English population was facing back in the day. As India is a country with huge possibilities it’s trying its best to become one of the world’s leading powers but a lot of the regions are still underdeveloped and people live under very poor conditions with slow development cycles. People resorting to different ways of making money and livelihood including professional gambling and trading. Peaky Blinders is about the struggle of young people with, at one sight, no future but ones that do not let the world bring them down. A gang of young criminals, trying to make a living, from Birmingham, England.

In season 1 and 2, the gang makes money off of gambling. The Shelby Parlour is the headquarters of the Shelby family as well as the members of Peaky Blinders. On the Watery Lane, they have a small pantry, which is opened up to be a small illegal betting station. Horse races are netting them a lot of money. Peaky Blinders arrange betting services for the horse races. This may be popular due to the gambling communities in India. It resonates with the people focused on casinos and roulettes, which are quite exciting games to play. They are gaining huge traction in India considering the number of people staying at home right now due to Coronavirus pandemic concerns.

Due to the popularity of Peaky Blinders and some serious hints on gambling, many local casinos have started modeling their games in the same style. This is especially true for those who play roulette for money in India, as the style differences from their Western counterparts is very clearly seen.

The obvious difference between the two is that Peaky Blinders usually rig their races via drugging the horses and paying off the riders, however, casinos try to stay truthful to the good old lady luck. It’s noticeable just how popular gambling is in Season 1 of the series where we can see almost 20 bets all for the horse Monaghan Boy on the blackboard of the gambling den.

Overall the series is very enjoyable to watch and I can see why the Indian population adores it so much.

Delhi Crime

Delhi Crime is a Hindi and English language Netflix Original crime series. It follows the investigation into 2012 gang rape, which happened in Delhi in Munirka. The series debuted in UK on Netflix in March 2019 and has gotten a very high approval rating.

However, this show isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s a highly rated (netting 8.5 on imdb), Indian crime drama TV series by Richi Mehta aired on Netflix. It’s gory, beautifully crafted, and interesting to watch. It takes us through the lives of people ranging from DCP to duty constables. The show guides us through the lives of these different characters and makes us empathize with them while not losing the original plot about the investigation.

It’s a heart-pumping experience, however, keep in mind that it’s very gory and hard to watch documenting the Nirbhaya rape from the perspective of the police investigating the crimes.

Black Mirror

Aside from Narcos, Black Mirror is something Netflix is very much known for. It’s a British TV series with different societal situations where the characters get themselves into different timelines and periods. All of the episodes are twisted to a certain extent, creating a beautifully crafted narrative in addition to a very well made atmosphere. Episodes are not in direct connection between each other. On average all of the episodes are good but some are even better than others.

The world was once again shocked once Netflix released its standalone film version of one Black Mirror, Bandersnatch, offered huge potential for different endings of the movie with interactive interface. An innovative idea, which got the fans riled up to hell and back.

Sacred Games

“Sacred Games” is a must-watch for every Indian. This is something Netflix launched to capture eyes and minds of Indian viewership. It’s currently sitting at 92% recommended on rotten tomato due to its masterfully crafted narrative. Aside from the fact that the dialogue in the TV series is along the best I’ve ever heard, the show uses a lot of historical context of India. The plot is complex, layered, and peaks viewers’ interest. Both Self and Nawaz are also very good actors who pull their weight overall creating an international classic – a must-watch for everyone all around the world.


Netflix is becoming more and more popular in India. A lot of the shows resonate with the population of India in one way or another. The fact that Netflix is creating original content solely based in India just highlights this fact. Hopefully, here you found some of the most interesting UK TV series to watch and enjoy in India!