Underrated British Historical Dramas to Watch this Year

The entertainment industry is always evolving, and the British film industry is known to offer the best content to the audience.

Netflix and other streaming channels are full of movies and series that are liked by millions of fans across the globe. Not only British, but fans from other countries also cherish English productions. English actors are popular for their unique accents and superb acting skills. Drama series surrounding history don’t always get the expected fame. There are limited viewers in every region that like to watch historical movies or dramas.

There are many drama serials that could not capture the attention of the masses. If they did not go hit, it does not make these dramas not worth it. Sometimes unique stories fail to capture the audience, and it is pretty common with historical dramas. We have quite a long list of popular English dramas that were liked by global audiences. Before exploring some underrated British historical dramas, we should have a look at the most popular ones:

  • Bodyguard
  • The Night Manager
  • Top Boy
  • Treason
  • Peaky Blinders
  • Red Rose
  • Traitors
  • Sherlock

You might have already seen some of these dramas on Netflix and other streaming services. Some of these dramas are about the modern age, while some present the storyline of old times. Now is the time to explore some hidden gems. These great dramas did not get the recognition they deserved. Instead of worrying about the ratings and rankings, give these British dramas a try.

British Dramas Bringing History to Life

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Gentleman Jack

There are not many drama serials that are not so popular despite having amazing ratings and feedback from viewers. This drama was released back in 2019 about the real-life story of a landlord from Yorkshire. This drama beautifully presents the mixed feelings of social expectations, identity, and love. All of these ideas were not popular topics at that time. There are two seasons of this series, and if you have not watched Gentleman Jack, you are in for a treat.

Indian Summers

Viewers who love political and war-related dramas would love this series. This drama shows the summer of 1932, where British soldiers face opposition from the Indians. This story is about the last years of British rule in India. The main story is about the interactions between the English ruling class and the Indian public. If you want to explore hidden facts of British rule in India, this drama can help you develop a different approach. The lead cast in the movie includes:

  • Henry Lloyd Hughes
  • Nikesh Patel
  • Julie Walters
  • Jemima West
  • Alex Cobb
  • Aysha Kala
  • Craig Parkinson

The Last Kingdom

This drama is originally inspired by Bernard Cornwell’s popular book “The Last Kingdom.” Set in the 9th century, this historical drama is quite engaging with a rich storyline. This is a thrilling action series with an amazing storyline about Vikings and the ruling authorities. There are battles and fights that are beautifully filmed by top directors.

The Hollow Crown

This is one of the most amazing series about British history, and there are several actors from the British film industry. This drama is about Shakespeare’s four history plays, and all actors did an amazing job with their roles. With a unique storyline and the finest actors from the British film industry, this drama is exceptionally good in different regards.

Peaky Blinders

This is not exactly an underrated series, but we thought of adding this series to our list as viewers from all over the world loved the idea and characters. If you are not into British drama, this drama can make you a big fan of the industry. Thomas Shelby has become a social media sensation, and viewers love his acting and dialogue. Action scenes and other aspects of the drama make Peaky Blinders one of the best series in the British drama industry.

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These are only a few dramas that can offer unique entertainment. Once you have started exploring different categories, you will find many other options. With so many options available, choosing the right entertainment option can be quite challenging. These guides can help you to make quick picks. These movies remained hidden gems for different reasons. All of these dramas offer unique value and entertainment to the users. The entertainment industry offers a diversity of content, and your personal choices matter a lot. Whether you want to pick an online casino or a drama series, always go for things that you personally like.