What are the Luckiest Gambling Symbols

You will commonly find symbols on the reels in slot games, but which ones are the luckiest? Learn about those symbols that trigger lucrative outcomes.

Online casino games adopt a variety of symbols in their design and gameplay. However, every seasoned gambler knows some are luckier than others. Depending on the casino game, you will find popular lucky symbols, such as clovers, horseshoes, number seven, or leprechauns. In the gameplay of various titles, they boast a history of triggering significant winnings that could change your fortunes.

No matter your skill level, gambling always requires a bit of luck. So, it helps to know the different symbols guaranteeing more winnings. Although no documentations exist about their magic, they keep popping up in every bonus round. You can play unique titles featuring these characters at casino Verde. We highlight the luckiest symbols in gambling in this article.

Lucky Gambling Symbols

If you are wondering which symbols are the luckiest, we discuss them in detail below. Read further to learn what each one represents.

The Number Seven from Historical Events

No symbol screams perfection more than the number seven. From ancient history, this has been considered the luckiest, partly owing to the Bible, which claims God rested on the seventh day of creation. The number seven is significant in different spheres, symbolizing a positive change in fortunes. This symbol is regular in slot machines, and you receive a handsome payout for landing three 7s on the reels. However, it also features roulette and other fun casino games. Play any title with the magical number seven for a hugely rewarding experience.

Joker from Movies

Another notable lucky symbol is the Joker, which has brought great success to gamblers over the years. It is based on an eccentric fictional movie character, acting just the same during gameplay. The first game to adopt the symbol was Euchre. Now it has become a common fixture of most online card games.

In numerous online poker variations, Joker is a supreme card with a higher value than Aces and Hearts. Furthermore, it works quite differently for slots, triggering the jackpot in most cases when the symbol appears. Nothing beats a huge jackpot prize, so look for Mr. J on the reels. You are in line for winnings as eccentric as this mastermind.

Dragons from Asian Culture

As much as they are deeply rooted in history, dragons have also been a constant feature of casino games. These mystical creatures are stoic symbols of Asian culture, known to represent power, strength, and good luck. Since the inception of online gambling, slots and other titles have integrated dragons in varying sizes and colours into their gameplay. These symbols are often the highest-paying ones on the reels of most slot machines. Furthermore, you can enjoy a variety of dragon-themed online slots with colourful designs and lucrative winnings at the best casino sites. Who knows? They might be your lucky charm.

Hearts from Card Games

If you are enthusiastic about hearts, you are in for a treat at Verde Casino. Hearts are card symbols with the same value as spades, diamonds, and clubs. Also known as trumps, top gaming companies used these to boost a player’s bankroll for generous payouts. During gameplay, seeing a bright red heart is a sign of good luck, as the symbol is largely synonymous with happiness, joy, and good health. Most times, you find a heart among the reel symbols, tied to a particular game or triggering a highly rewarding bonus round. Look out for quality titles with a heart symbol to enjoy lucrative winnings.

Horseshoes from Mythology

For ardent slot players, horseshoes are a common sight. You will hardly find reels without this totem as one of its symbols. In times past, people hung the original piece on their doorposts as a tradition. Therefore, many software providers adopted this symbol

based on the age-old belief that horseshoes bring wealth, security, and luck to their owners. While it cannot be proven true in real life, most gamblers can attest to the benefits of landing horseshoes in online slot machines. They are usually associated with winning combinations or free spins bonuses. Though this might not be the luckiest symbol, horseshoes make our list.

Here are a few more symbols of luck:

  • Shamrock
  • Playing Cards and Dice
  • Coins and Jewels

Get Lucky!

There are many symbols adapted from culture, movies, and ancient history to make the gameplay of various titles more lucrative and interesting. Slot machines feature these lucky symbols the most, which is why they are very popular among punters worldwide. Once you land a dragon, number seven, or horseshoe, the game will most likely enter a bonus round, trigger a jackpot, or give out free spins. So, look out for the symbols to improve your gambling experience.