What Careers Would Our Favourite ‘Downton Abbey’ Cast Members Have if They Were Around Today?

To many fans’ disappointment, the hugely successful show Downton Abbey ended on Christmas Day 2015.

The series followed the ups and downs of the Crawleys, the aristocratic family who lived in Downton Abbey.

While the Crawleys were the main characters in the popular TV series, they were not the only characters to make an impression on us all. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular characters, and discuss what career we think they would have if they were around today:


1.     Violet Crawley

One of the most popular characters in the Downton Abbey tv series was Violet Crawley. Violet, the Countess of Grantham, was an extremely snooty character played by national treasure Maggie Smith.

If Violet Crawley were around today, we do not think she would have a career. Instead, Violet would expect her husband to earn enough money to support her and her family.


2.     Lady Edith Crawley

Another popular Crawley family member is Lady Edith Crawley. Although the writers of Downton Abbey were somewhat cruel to this character, depicting her as a sore loser who lived in her sister’s shadow, many people sympathised with her circumstances and saw the good she had within.

If Lady Edith Crawley were around today, we believe that she would be an award-winning horse rider. As we mentioned above, Edith did not like to lose, so would do whatever it took to be successful. She also loved horses and spent a lot of time riding them. This is why we think it would have been the perfect career for her.


3.     Thomas Barrow

Although this may seem an unlikely choice, Thomas Barrow has proven to be popular with fans all around the world. Thomas Barrow was a plotting under butler who spent a lot of his time sabotaging and manipulating other people. However, he is an interesting character, and many people think he has a good heart deep down.

The career Thomas Barrow would likely have if he were around today would be a ruthless businessman. Thomas Barrow was very good at getting his own way by sabotaging and manipulating other characters in the T.V. show, and we believe these are the qualities you need to be a successful businessman.


4.     Charles Carson

Charles Carson, played by Jim Carter, was a reliable character that all fans seemed to fall in love with. His inherent goodness, loyalty to his friends and family, and the caring way he doted on his wife, Lady Mary, all made him an extremely popular character.

But what career would Charles Carson have if he were around today? We believe that Charles Carson would have made an extremely good Doctor or Healthcare worker. This is because he has a big heart, and he enjoys taking care of other people.


There are lots of amazing characters in the Downton Abbey series from caring Charles Carson who loved his wife and family, to snooty Violet Crawley. However, most fans disagree on which character was the best in the series. Out of the choices we have listed above, which character was your favourite? And what career do you think they would have had if they were around today?