What Might British Period Dramas Look Like in 100 Years from Now?

Period dramas are some of the most popular British television programmes; likely due to the fact that they remind us of simpler times while still providing viewers with the ability to relate to the characters in question.

However, we are all aware that entertainment trends will always change over time. This poses and interesting question. How might British period dramas be portrayed in 100 years from now? What would viewers think of our current times and would any themes remain the same? While the answers to these questions are purely speculative, they are still interesting to address. Let’s take a closer look in order to see what the future potentially has in store for the average fan.

Dealing with Contemporary Issues in the Future

One of the most interesting observations involves how our present world will look when viewed by someone one century in the future. Would our modern technology appear and quaint and antiquated much in the same way as we view many of the inventions associated with the Victorian era? Would common entertainment options such as heading to an online betting site be nearly impossible for this audience to relate to thanks to subsequent revolutions that will occur? What about major events such as the terrorist attacks of September 11th or the COVID-19 pandemic? How might an audience view these in hindsight? Would they have any tangible connection to such scenarios or might they appear as foreign as the Boer War does in our current times?

Perhaps the audience would view our world as representing the “good old days” much in the same way that we often reminisce about when times were simpler (such as the 1980s and 1990s). This is indeed an interesting perspective and naturally, it is difficult to predict how the views of a future audience may change.

What About Plot Lines and Character Traits?

The good news is that human nature is not likely to evolve any time soon. Regardless of when a British period drama is created, it will inevitably revolve around several familiar themes. Intrigue, love, conflicts, and their subsequent resolutions are not slated to go away any time soon.

Even though some of the contemporary topics presented in a period drama might not be immediately pertinent to our era, the fact of the matter is that the very real human stories keep us coming back for more. The big question is what type of audience will be attracted to these programmes 100 years from now.

Regardless of how these dramas might transform in accordance with the times, we are all aware that such serials have become a part of British culture in a very real way. This is why we can remain confident in the fact that storytellers will continue to entertain us regardless of what type of technology may emerge throughout the coming years and decades. It will nonetheless be interesting how the current world will be represented as well as what the average viewer thinks of the choices that we are making at the moment.