What Movies and Series about Casinos Are Worth Watching

The casinos attract people from all over the world—high stakes, excitement, and the desire to hit the big jackpot. Many movies have a central theme of casinos. In such films, people often have fun at slot machines and card tables or plan a robbery because the casino is always associated with large sums.

Many people don’t want to play in a casino because they think it doesn’t give anything to win and works according to a particular scheme. The work of licensed online casinos is strictly regulated by law. The company that issued the license makes sure that the casino follows all the rules and agreements and doesn’t delay payments. To check how a particular online casino works, you should look into Casino Rewards Canada.

And while you are deciding which casino to visit, we have selected a list of films and series about casinos that are definitely worth watching. You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of gambling on the TV screen.


Casino Royale, 2006

This is the most famous movie about the casino. The movies about secret agent 007 are very fascinating and exciting. And here, the overall picture is complemented by the aesthetics of casinos and gambling. The film was released in 2006 and received an 8 on IMDb.

In the film, secret agent James Bond needs to get on the trail of an international terrorist organization. Traces lead to Madagascar—it is there that one of the attackers is located, who can provide valuable information about the terrorists. The mission is disrupted, and plans change dramatically. The key person becomes a banker who finances the work of a terrorist organization. The CIA needs Bond to travel to Montenegro and take part in a poker tournament at Casino Royale. There, he will have to fight with the banker at the card table.


Molly’s Game, 2014

The film was released in 2014 and is based on a true story—a biographical drama about skier Molly Bloom. The athlete was disappointed—she was not included in the Olympic team. The girl decides to take a break from her career to survive this event. She travels to Los Angeles and opens her underground casino for local celebrities. The business is rapidly growing and brings the girl a considerable profit. Everything would have been successful further, but the FBI officers are beginning to be interested in the affairs of the skier.


American Hustle, 2013

The crime comedy film American Hustle was released in 2013. It received a 7.2 on IMDb. The movie will tell the story of two scammers who pulled off cunning and intricate schemes to deceive gambling establishments. The scammers are caught by the FBI, but are offered a deal in exchange for their freedom. As a result, men become part of a large-scale operation to uncover a large corruption scheme.


Las Vegas, 2003—2008

Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world. The mention of it slips in many films and serials. This city attracts gamblers from all over the world—luxurious casinos, never sleeping streets, and bright and expensive hotels.

But not everyone likes to play by the rules. Such platforms attract many scammers seeking to implement their schemes for wicked winnings. The series Las Vegas will tell about the work of a team that must identify scammers and violators in local casinos. Experienced detectives, led by Ed Deline, use the latest technology and their personal experience to identify and uncover fraudsters quickly.


Twenty-one, 2008

The 2008 drama film follows a group of gifted students. They have great mathematical skills. The availability of this information allows them to calculate possible winning combinations easily. Students are offered an exciting opportunity to visit local casinos and use their abilities to win. Students agree to gamble; they go to Las Vegas to beat the casino for a million dollars.


Player, 2013

The film was released in 2013 and received a 6 on IMDb. The film tells the story of Jim Benet. The man is an ordinary literature teacher at the university and a pretty successful writer. His life is almost unremarkable, but only in the daytime. After work, Jim turns into a wholly different person—he spends all night in underground casinos. Jim has a real addiction to gambling, and he spends all his money on them. He borrows a considerable amount to recoup and puts his life at risk. One can only guess how he will extricate himself from the current situation.


All the movies and series listed will help you have fun. You can also spend your leisure time playing online casino games. To achieve this, it will be enough to have a smartphone or computer and the Internet. Most importantly, don’t forget about responsible gambling!